Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another good and bad day

You know, I keep trying to make good memories with my kids. We've been doing the "Fun Box" for that reason, and to avoid wasting days doing nothing but watch TV.

Last night the box decreed that we should go to Lark Toys in Kellogg, MN. I think a groan may have escaped my lips when the slip was pulled. M was excited as usual What does it say Mommy? I fudged and said "it says to go on a trip to a surprise place" (thank goodness she can't read much yet!). I thought I'd give myself an out in case I really didn't want to go in the morning.

This morning, I really didn't want to go, but I sucked it up. I only have a few more days before M starts school and I figured I didn't have anything else to do anyway....birthday party? What birthday party?

I'd never been there before. We've been past it at least a dozen or more times on our way to the river (that's the Mississippi to those not from around here) to fish or whatever but we've never stopped.

I thought the kids were going to explode from anticipation waiting for the 20 minutes before the next carousel ride (they run it once per half-hour). It's a beautiful wooden carousel.

The best part was that kids younger than 36 months are free to ride. Three and up pay $1. So I paid $2 for the three of us since K is just shy of 3 years old. I think that's the cheapest carousel ride ever.

After the ride we ate lunch there. The kids ate like crazy today. They ate about 10 mini-pancakes each for breakfast, both ate their grilled cheese sandwich for lunch, plus some fries and a pickle or two. As we were leaving we got a lunch sack of popcorn as well that the 2 of them had devoured in no time. (Normally they wouldn't eat anywhere near this much food.)

Since we were in the area, I headed to Wabasha to the National Eagle Center. Contrary to what the website implies, it is completed and open. However, it costs $4 per adult and $2 per child to go in it. Since I had no idea what was in the building I chose to forgo it this time. Both kids wanted to go in though. The building is really nice-looking architecturally. So, instead we went down to the water and just watched a few boats for a few minutes before M started asking to go across the river on the big bridge.

Of course we had to go across the bridge then. As we crossed, I started thinking maybe we should stop and get an ice cream in Nelson and soon M piped up Hey! We're in Wisconsin! Lets go to that one place and get ice cream. How does she remember this stuff?

They enjoyed their messy ice cream and we laughed about how messy they were. Then, time to head home. I'd thought K would pass out on the way and it would be a peaceful ride. Yeah, not so much.

Then, because I am a stupid, stupid woman, I went to Hobby Lobby, oh, with the kids. The instructions were laid out before we left the car: K will sit in the cart, there will be no screaming, M will stay by me, etc.

Did I mention that I am a stupid, stupid woman?

It was fine until we had to wait in the long line from hell to check out. I had found some shelves in the 90% off clearance so I couldn't just leave and go later to get the stuff. It would be gone.

K decided to stand up in the cart. Refused to sit. Then finally convinced to sit, decides to throw his ginkie. Yes, I know, he shouldn't have the ginkie anyway. He didn't have a nap and I wanted to shop a bit. The ginkie usually gets me a bit of time. Sue me.

Anywho. He chucks the ginkie once and M retrieves it for him. I tell him if you throw ginkie again, you will not get it ba--. Yeah. Ginkie's in the air already.

But he knew what I was going to say. I know he did. He knows the threat. So I had to follow through.

Mommy! I want my ginkie back! Mommy! I want my ginkie! I want my ginkie! I want my ginkie! Ginkie! I want my ginkie!

Um. Yeah. Until we got to the car. Do you think I got a few stares and disapproving head shakes in that store?

Do you think I had a bad mommy moment or two? Perhaps. M told me that I shouldn't use the words shut-up because they aren't nice. I thanked her for her perspective and tried to not pull any of my hair out.

Yep. I'm a good mommy and a crappy one all in one day.

On a slightly positive note, K has gone to bed without his ginkie...because I reminded him that he threw it and it is lost.

I really don't know what to do with him sometimes. M never had tantrums and freak outs of this magnitude. The boy is almost 3, really he should be able to miss a nap once in a while and not have a meltdown. M stopped napping by 2 1/2. I know you can't compare kids, but sheesh. Are there really that many 3 year olds who still need a nap every day? (I actually like it that he still naps, but once in a while it would be nice to let him miss it without a meltdown.)

So there it is. My day. Starts with fun and ends with crap! Oh, the wonderful life I lead!

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wayabetty said...

You're so brave to bring them to so many places in one day. I'd pass out after the first place with 4 kids.

Such cute pix of the kids!!

Damselfly said...

What wonderful memories you are giving your kids! Cute pictures. I love the purple manicure.

Sandy said...

Nothing comes closer to Hell than shopping with the kids at Hobby Lobby. That's my opinion anyhow.

Jeff said...

Sounds like you pushed your luck. I probably would have started fussing if you took me to the Hobby Lobby too. ;-)

Heather said...

Betty...Brave? No, that's not the word I was thinking of.

Damselfly...that is Miss M's favorite color...purple manicures are a must!

Sandy...I just realized that yesterday.

Jeff...Did I mention that I am a stupid, stupid woman?

angi said...

why do we do those things to ourselves? Shopping with kids? You KNOW most days that is NOT working :)

Heather said...

Angi...I do it because...I am a stupid, stupid woman. You have twice as many kids as you ever shop anymore??

Kara said...

I shop with my kids....but NEVER if they are tired. I've gotten the stares before too. Kids know just when to throw tantrums, don't they?

Bon777 said...

Love the icecream photos...very cute!

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