Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Caillou’s Mom…the Real Story

So I finally got the 2 little rugrats in bed. Phew! Do you have any idea how much energy it takes to put a smile on your face for the cameras day in and day out?

After the camera crew left today, Caillou continued to act up. This time he decided to color on the walls. With permanent marker. Let’s just say I was happy the camera crew was gone for that one. I may have uttered an expletive or two. And, sadly the expletives didn’t make me feel any better. If anyone has any ideas for removing black permanent marker from my white walls, I’m all ears. I’m afraid it’s going to take some paint.

For his punishment, I sent Caillou to his room. Loudly. I am ashamed to admit that I gave him a little swat on his butt. It wasn’t a hard hit, and I’m not sure where that anger came from, but it scared both of us. He, of course, was even more confused as to why when he does something wrong and the camera crew is here I just calmly talk to him about what he’s done wrong, but when they’re gone, I lose it.

It’s too much pressure on one woman.

Plus the producers are talking about adding 2 more shows a week. 7 days a week of shooting for the show. I may go insane.

They always want me to be giving Caillou all these wholesome activities to do while they’re here. Frankly, I’m starting to run out of ideas. Why can’t I just put a video in for him once in awhile so I can get some laundry done in peace? Or maybe cook a meal without him having to stir everything ever so s-l-o-w-l-y.

It would be really great for Rosie to be able to take a long nap one of these days as well. Caillou is always waking her up from her naps. It’s really starting to make me think homicidal thoughts. The kind of thoughts you shouldn’t think about your 4-year-old.

If I have one more person ask me just “how do you do it?” I think I’ll scream.

The truth? I drink. Oh, only after the camera crew leaves.

Before they get here? Let’s just say I have a little “helper” of my own. And it’s not one that I shot out from between my legs.

It would be nice for someone to refer to me by my name instead of always shouting “Hey! It’s Caillou’s Mom!” I have a name…but even I forget what it is most of the time.

Better go, I hear Rosie crying in her room. Bet you $100 Caillou went in there and woke her up because he wants to play.



Caillou’s Mom is Mom to Caillou who is 4, and Rosie who is 2. She asked to borrow my blog to get a few things off her mind. In addition to her job as Mom, she works in some sort of office where she has her own office, and also appears on a television show based on her son, Caillou, weekdays.

5 people like me!:

Bonnie B said...

Wow that is absolutely nuts-- I'd need a little helper too.

Heather said...

Bonnie...just in case you're not familiar with Caillou...he's a cartoon character on PBS.

Anonymous said...

So THAT'S the real story!

Hey -- where can I score some of that mommy's little helper?

Waya said...

For real? Caillou? Yeah, that kid is nuts alright. It reminds me of "Dennis the Menace". Poor her. Nobody wakes up a baby from her nap. UGH!!!

Harmonica Man said...

That is so cool! Hi Caillou's mom! I'm definitely going to have to check out your show. And no, I'm not too old!

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