Friday, May 12, 2006

my first blog post

So I admit, I am a blogging virgin...but not for long. I used to keep a journal for the first oh...we'll say "several" years of my life. When I met my husband and I knew that he was "the one" we burned those journals in the burning barrel in our backyard. I sometimes regret that, but most of the time I remember the cleansing and freeing feeling it had to let go of the past. Of course I dug out any photos that I'd tucked in there...and really, in my head, I remember most of what those journals contained. This helps no one but myself, but in future years I hope that I remember and can better relate to my children...especially my daughter. Although I have a feeling that she's going to be just fine in almost everything she does.

Anywho. So I'm a stay-at-home-mom who never thought before she had kids that she'd stay home. Pretty much as soon as my daughter was born I thought "how could I leave her?" And she was and still is one of those high-maintenance types. I quit my job 5 months into my 6 month maternity leave (without pay). Friends who didn't have kids asked what I did all day and I thought wow I got a shower before noon! My daughter is now 3 1/2, and I've since added a son who is 21 months old. Really, most of the time I'm glad that I "get" to stay home with the kids, but you know, there are those days when you'd like to eat your young. But what would I do without them? Be stuck in an office, miserable, listening to the general office gripes that go on everywhere. Hmmm, I think I'll take the "Why"s and the "Nack" (snack) requests 500 times a day. But then again, there is tomorrow, so that could change.

So this week my 3 1/2 year old decided to burn herself on my curling iron...although there may have been some Mommy fault in there too. She was trying to wash her hands at my insistence and burned herself as she was reaching for the soap. After making a trip to the garage to retrieve the Parents magazine that I had just "recycled" I knew that it was probably a 2nd degree burn. She was still screaming her head off so I called the ER to ask advice. They said to bring her in. SO, her Mom is bawling more than she is by the time we get there. And she tells the intern or resident that treats her "It's really okay, I'm feeling a lot better". He said he'd still take a look. In a nutshell, she's fine. We wrapped her arm and put "jellyfish" on it (what she calls the antibiotic ointment). This happened tuesday and now it's friday. She was supposed to have a swimming lesson but the docs said no to we stayed home today to prep for my Tastefully Simple party tomorrow. My kids "helped" prepare the dips, etc for tomorrow.

Tonight though, my daughter wasn't cooperating with bedtime rituals so I counted the usual ... 1... 2... and actually had to get to 3. I tell her before I say 3 "If I get to 3...such and such will happen" Normally she complies because she doesn't want such and such. Tonight, no deal. So I announce, "three!" and grab her to take her upstairs as she's screaming and such. I hold the door closed on her bedroom to keep her in. Finally, she quits struggling and I leave the door duty to return downstairs. After a few minutes I hear her sniffling and clearly out of her room. I go upstairs to see what she's doing. Long story shorter, I re-injured her burn when I grabbed her to take her upstairs.

Isn't Mommy guilt WONDERFUL?

I think I'm done for tonight. Looking forward to future blogs...

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