Thursday, March 6, 2014

Complete 360

Miss M and I went to a local grocery store after I picked her up from school yesterday. We parked in the parking lot that was miraculously starting to melt after another 5 inches of snow fell in that part of the city that night. The parking lot was an ice/slush/water mess. Not pretty. Most of the trip was uneventful. We almost got into line with the infamous "Jan" who is funny to our family because we have weird senses of humor. I almost wanted to wait in line even though there was another cashier available because Jan is that entertaining. ("Those are only a dollar? I like those! I need to pick up some of those!")

On our way out of the store there was an elderly woman and her adult son each pushing a cart full of groceries. The mother pushed her cart out ahead of us. Her son paused and graciously let us ladies out the door ahead of him.

M and I headed to our car and just a few steps outdoors we heard the man behind us mutter, "Are you KIDDING me?" A few more steps and he yells "Really? YOU HAD PARK IN THE F'ING WATER?" Except he didn't censor himself.

We thought it was hilarious that the man that was such a gentleman seconds before had such a dramatic 360 moments later.

You probably had to be there, but we thought it was funny.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Days Gone By...Part 1

Last month I started having an occasional dream about my high school boyfriend. I don't remember the details of the dreams but they were more or less like we had stayed together, still had some problems and it was just all weird. Sometimes when I woke up I thought my husband had really left me...then the fog cleared and I realized it was just another bizarre dream.

I took my oldest to school this morning and for some reason he popped into my head again. It struck me again how strange it was that memories were surfacing at such strange times when I hadn't thought of him in years. I decided on my way home that I would Google his name, just to see if anything came up. I figured nothing would come up. When I Google my own name it's just links to Pinterest and my BIL's obituary. Most of us average people don't have much, if anything, fascinating enough to come up on Google.

So I Googled, and Google automatically filled in the rest of his name after a few characters, then there was another entry beneath it that added the word "obituary." I'd used his middle name as well so there was little doubt that it was him. I clicked and it was true. He passed away last month. I haven't seen or talked to him in about 18 years or more, but it still seemed like a sucker punch. He was my first real "relationship." It was more than dating. We were together for 4 and on. Mostly on, even when we might have been seeing other people. A lot of things happened in those four years. Some of it not good, indeed, very bad. But it wasn't always that way.

This was a very unexpected result of trying to satisfy my curiosity. I'm going to take some time to process.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

A Deacon in the Night

In December I received a phone call from a church member asking me to consider serving as a Deacon for our church. In all honesty, I had no idea what a Deacon was or what they did so I had to have more information before giving my answer. I'm not huge into church, in fact we haven't attended services regularly in years and I honestly can't remember the last time we actually went.

 After learning more about my duties, I accepted the nomination. It's scary for me. I have to put myself out there in possibly uncomfortable situations but I've tried to do that every so often anyway...just to push myself a little.

I've been to two Deacon's meetings and have done little else so far, but my term extends until 2016, so I'm sure there is more work in the future.

Saturday afternoon the daughter of my C.A.R.E. member (each Deacon has at least one church member who can't come to church anymore to visit and befriend) called me to thank me for sending a card and a photo of my family. It was such a small thing for me to do, yet it was received so gratefully. I will meet my C.A.R.E. member on Wednesday evening. I expect she will teach me much about life.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine Vignettes

 Miss M didn't fill out any Valentine's for the first time. One of her friends brought her a Valentine though, and she got plenty of Valentines from her parents and grandparents.

D filled out her Valentines the day she brought home her class list which was more than a week before Valentine's Day. She was pumped to participate this year. She insisted on filling in her friends' names and her own name in the "from" spot. I was allowed to place the tattoos in the spots provided. We got to her teacher's Valentine and she chose the design carefully. Then I began to spell out her teacher's name slowly, just as I had for all the students' names in the class. 

"M...R....S..." She cut me off there with a stern look.

"Mommy!" she reprimanded. "Her name is Kim. I am just going to write Kim."

How ridiculous of me to think she'd write out a whole last name when she could write 3 letters!


K Man was like Mr. Incredible of the Valentine world this year.

Me: Don't you think you should start writing your Valentine's? This is Monday and Valentine's Day is on Friday.

Him: I've still got time.

Me: Okay it's Tuesday now so you only have tonight, tomorrow night and Thursday to write out the Valentines.

Him: I've still got time.

Me: Okay so Valentine's Day is tomorrow. It's 4:30 now and you go to bed at 8. We should probably get those Valentines written out.

Him: I've still got time.

We finally compromised and he wrote his name on 25 Valentines. No names in the "to" box. Still a lot of writing for the boy with dysgraphia...which is why I wanted him to start earlier so he could spread out the time. But, you know, he still had time.


 Happy Valentine's Day!

Thursday, February 13, 2014


I may or may not have had a few major panic attacks when I thought I'd never be able to write at Cool Zebras again. I had a major SNAFU trying to renew my domain name and in the process of the SNAFU lost the domain. I don't know what changed with the auto-renew process, but Google apparently didn't like whatever I'd done in the past (which was just renewed.)

Anywho! I'm back at Cool Zebras and I'm happy for me!
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