Friday, July 20, 2007

Nearly GO TIME.

T-minus 15 hours and 15 minutes until the big bash.
Most things are ready to go.
I've frosted two cakes and too many cupcakes. I've made a whole bunch of sandwiches. I've made a fruit salad. Tomorrow, I will wake and make a vegetable salad. And a cheesy spinach dip.
The table is set to hold the many goodies. I've decorated it minimally, with a few shells, rocks, a pair of sunglasses, a beach ball and a turtle.
I've done what I can. Let tomorrow come.

Unfortunately, most of K's friends that we've invited are not coming for one reason or another so M will be a bit heavy on the friend side compared to K. I'm fairly certain he won't know, or care, but I feel a bit sad for him anyway, because I'm his mom and I know.

Pretty much all of the friends M invited are coming.

The biggest party day of our year is here...almost.


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Kara said...

Heather, it really was a great party. We had a lot of fun! Now you can breathe.

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