Saturday, July 7, 2007


It's July, which means it's the month of my children's birthdays. So, the madness begins of me trying to throw the perfect birthday party. I'm not sure where this sickness came from, but I have it bad. I need things to be "just so" for the party to feel like it's a success. Mind you, the kids could not care less about any of it.

The invites have been made and sent out. I made one, and photocopied it. I just don't have the time or the money to make each one like the original.

So we're having a "beach" party. I'm making sandwiches and salads for lunch like last year.

We've I've invited about 35 adults and 26 kids. We must remember that this is a party for TWO children of different ages who have their own sets of friends (although some overlap). [Insert additional rationalization here.]

I've finished the loot/favor boxes and think they are pretty darn cute. I've bought some additional party supplies (i.e. plates, forks, cups, canned stuff, sodas, misc. other crap that you can buy in advance.)

I hope that it's good weather, since there is no way our house will hold that many people.

Other preparations today:
M picked out her lunch box for Kindergarten (which starts in 19 days). Sniff sniff!

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Harmonica Man said...

Yikes - that there's a lot of kids! Good luck with all that, and don't forget the most important thing... Have fun!

Bon777 said...

Wow you are much more ambitious than me when it comes to parties. You are obviously very crafty, creative and brave. I hope everything goes well for you.

Damselfly said...

How creative of you!

And whew, what a lot of people!

angi said...

WOW, you are good!
Zander's party is this weekend & I am not even near ready yet...LOL :)

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