Friday, July 6, 2007

What's under there?

Motherhood, by its very nature, is messy. It causes your body to change in ways you never dreamed could happen to you. It also causes your heart to change in wonderful ways.

I write about this tonight because I think it's funny. It casts me in a fairly unattractive light, but I don't really care because it casts my daughter in a beautiful almost-5-year-old light.

Miss M was tired tonight. We spent part of the morning at Michaels using the coupon I garnered from my friend Sandy, (birthday party preparations...ugh, the madness begins again) then stopped at 2 other friends' houses to drop off miscellaneous articles forgotten after a playdate yesterday. When all deliveries were made, we headed to my parents' house where the kids played in the swimming pool and jumped on a neighbor's trampoline all day. K didn't have a nap so he was really wiped, but M was just as tired.

M was still outside with her Dad when K was ceremoniously deposited indoors for his bath. Later, Craig came in and sat down and I could hear M sniffling on the stairs. She wanted to play outside longer I suppose and since she was so tired it was a major catastrophe to have to come inside for the night.

I told her to come so I could give her a bath. No, she didn't want to. Thus, I pulled out the big guns (ha ha) "Do you want Mommy to take a bath with you?"

She was upstairs and undressed in no time. I'm not sure what the allure is about bathing with me, but whatever works I guess.

I figured I'd use the time to try to give my legs a good shave for a change since I usually only take showers and seem to miss half the hairs on my legs that way.

You know where this is going, don't you?

M is not shy about asking questions. Of anyone. About anything. I should know better than to set myself up in these situations. Oh well.

I lathered up and shaved. She asked why I shave and if she needed to shave. She asked if it hurts. She wanted to rinse the leftover cream off my legs. Some cream ended up on one of the girls which M wiped off for me amid many giggles.

Then there it is.

Mommy, what's under there?

(She motions to, uh, my Zebras.)

What can I say? Two kids tend to send the ladies south.

I obliged by lifting up to show her which she thought was even more hilarious.

Mommy, what is that?

Well, that's called a nipple. That's where the babies drink milk from. Remember when K did?

Oh yeah. Do I have nipples? (a cursory search) Oh yeah! I do! I have SMALL nipples! (giggles)

Mommy, when I grow up I'm going to look just like you.

Oh dear. I hope she looks better.

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Kara said...

Smile, smile. You are very good at responding to her questions. My kids have no qualms about asking either. It's a good curiousity.

Oh, and thanks for returning the sunscreen! We were gone at the time, but I saw it right away when we got home. :)

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