Monday, January 29, 2007

K is making me think I need medication.

I gave K his ginkie back for naps and bedtime so he is back to taking naps again. He is still what I'll euphemistically call "testing his boundaries," and generally grouchy (like his mom) but he's not having the extreme temper tantrums anymore. (just the average variety)

He's also continuing to climb out of his crib. He generally climbs out, lays near the door with his mouth at the crack and yells "Mama! Out!" When he tires of yelling for me, he gets bored and climbs into his closet (it has a raised floor). When that ceases to be interesting, he strips. So, generally I start my mornings greeted by my little nudist. Most of the time this isn't a big deal; I have to change his diaper and get him dressed anyway.

This morning, however, involved poop. Just so you know, not fun.

This, after putting him back in his crib no less than 5 times last night because he kept climbing out. He finally went to sleep at about midnight after I drugged him with some Tylenol. Hey, maybe he had a headache.

Good times. Good times.

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Kara said...

Well, let's start with the positive. At least he's back to naps. Is there any way to make the closet inaccesible?? Or is that not really an issue here.

You are doing a great job just truckin' right through this. What is Craig's role in the crib chronicles?

Sandy said...

Me thinks you need to move him to a big boy bed.

Heather said...

Big boy bed is on the horizon, just need the funds for it...

I can buy a latch for the closet door, but since I'm no longer taking the kids to stores this also has to wait for payday and when Mom can get to the store...

Anonymous said...

i agree w/ ladies before me-craig and big boy bed may give mom time to go get a prescription for a happy pill! how about putting the crib mattress on the floor?

hang in there! i know it sucks.
must say that the stripping part did make me chuckle.


Waya said...

Ahhh, the stripping stage! My daughter has been stripping since she was 15 months old, so I had to put her one piece pj's on backward, only with the zippers and she can't strip any more. AHA! Who's smarter than whom now!!

BlogWhore said...

this happened to my sister... the poop and everything.

the toddler years scare me. yeah for babies and their lack of mobility.

no advice here, except take lots o' pictures so u can embaress him when he is a teenager!

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