Thursday, February 1, 2007

My Special Little Guy

You know, my son is a pretty special little guy. Sure he’s mischievous and gets into trouble at school, but it’s not like he’s ever said “Eat my shorts” to me. And my daughter, well, sure she sometimes thinks he’s the devil’s cabana boy, but she loves him too.

Remember when we had family portraits done? I swear that boy kept messing up every picture we tried to take. My husband was ready to choke him, and good. We almost resorted to just holding up a picture of him instead of having him in there, but in the end we finally got a portrait we’re proud to put up in the living room.

It’s tough to be a mom to such a brood, but it’s rewarding in its own way. How else could I have homemaker, writer, carpenter, and curator of large mammals on my resume for the same period of time?

I just wish it wasn’t such a production to get everyone on the couch at the same time for some quality family time in front of the TV.


Pam is trying her hand writing as someone else today, because it wasn’t enough to crash Heather’s blog, she had to do it incognito. Normally Pam hangs out over at A Boy and His Blog with her son and daughter, which is where Heather is today.

This post is part of the
February Blog Exchange. This month we’re writing as well-known people or characters, so check out the rest of the participants and see if you can guess who their “voice” is this month.

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Sandy said...

Hey Marge!

Heather said...

Thanks for being a great BE buddy this month Pam!

soccer mom in denial said...

Seriously - you were BOTH the Homers? Did you plan this?

Zach & Brie's Mom said...

We were different sides of the same coin - I was Marge, and Heather was Homer.

Jenn said...

Oh, The Simpsons.

AmandaD said...

Love the collaboration. My partner and I did so as well. Way to go.

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