Saturday, January 13, 2007

My son loves his "ginkie." Truly. If it wasn't for the ginkie, he'd still be nursing every hour. The sounds that kid makes when he gets the binkie. It is a sound of pure pleasure.

His first year, he had probably 4 binkies, that we alternated according to his attire. Yes, I made his binkie match his outfit. I know, I'm sick.

I also know he should have been weaned off the bink long ago, but he really does love his binkie, and we all have our vices, don't we? Here he is, almost a year ago, double-binkin' it.

You know, there are worse things that parents can do than indulging a binkie love.

That being said, K man has gone to bed tonight for the first time "ginkieless."

Hey, it's a step.

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Keltybug said...

It has not been that long since My 2 yo gave up hers. She bit a whole in the end of it and said it was broke. We threw it away and she has not missed it a bit.

I do though. She is the last baby for us so no more bebe's

Your little man is so cute. He looks pinchable.

Mom Thumb said...

Ugh, I hate weaning them off stuff, they grow up too fast anyway. K man is adorable!

Kara said...

Good luck! It is hard to get those things away from them.

Waya said...

At least you can TAKE AWAY the binkie, but not a thumb. Both my kids (3.5 y/o and 22 months old) suck their thumbs and I can't stop them. Their thumbs are just disgusting! Not to mention their buck teeth, luckily it's only the baby teeth, I hope.

Harmonica Man said...

Good for him - and you. Baby vices are hard to break, but they have to go sometime.

Thank God he never started smoking.

Kurt Schroeder said...

Go K man! And, yes, there are worse things a parent can do.

Kurt Schroeder said...

Good for you. Next step, going to bed without any blankets and being locked in the coat closet. Oh wait, that's our kids.

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