Sunday, October 2, 2016

Just Call Me Coach

I had my first attempt at being a coach this fall. I coached D's 8U softball team. It was actually pretty fun and I think I did okay as a coach. I know most of the rules and some plays from watching M play these last 3 years. Today was D's last game for the fall season. Two of the girls I coached gave me hugs and I got several thank yous from parents. It made me feel good even though I felt like I was just winging it the whole time.

Our last game we were encouraged to wear costumes so I made some shirts for my mini-team (only 4 girls) and for myself. We were Pac-Man and the ghosts.
I thought we were quite adorable.

The girls really improved a lot in learning the game as well. Last weekend, there was even a double play! That's some great heads-up playing that even some of the older girls haven't mastered yet. If you have a chance to coach (especially at a young age-group level) do it! It is really fun!

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