Sunday, May 3, 2015

Unlikely and Failed Prospects

  1. My son told me that I should start a YouTube channel and vlog. HAHAHAHAHA! He's a funny kid. In case you were unaware, a few things that I am not comfortable with...talking a lot...appearing on camera...hearing my voice recorded. So, starting a YouTube channel is probably not the best idea for me. Of course, I could start a channel for people who are perhaps the most socially awkward and anxious people ever. Do socially anxious people socialize on YouTube? Maybe we write socially awkward comments? Or do the socially inept just watch?
  2.  I tried the photography business for a while and was not very successful. I really think people are less likely to hire a fat person for things. That's not to say I might not actually suck at taking photos. I don't know I guess. Some people might just be blowing sunshine up my butt. Others tell me I suck. So. One of those.
  3. Then I tried painting and tried to get a job at one of those places where they "teach" you a painting. Apparently I suck at that too. So that's fun.
  4. I feel like I've tried all kinds of creative outlets and failed at making money at all of them. I guess that's what you call a true artist, right? 
  5. I wish I knew what to do to succeed.

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