Saturday, April 25, 2015

Random thoughts #58

  1. I haven't written here nearly enough in the last few years.
  2. Miss M started playing softball on the "C" squad for her future high school. She'd never played before but she's having a great time playing even though she has had little instruction about what to do. She's been perfectly happy to stand in right field and do next to nothing (most of the girls can't or don't hit to the outfield at this level). She's a better player than she thinks she is and the coach had her practice at first base tonight. M discovered it was kind of fun to have more action in the game. I signed her up for a summer league too since she seems to enjoy the game.
  3. I love watching softball games even if M doesn't play. I took stats for the varsity baseball team for my high school two years in a row and they were fun days. Softball/baseball is probably my favorite spectator sport.
  4. K Man is nearly at the end of his elementary school days. His teacher requested a photo of him from his younger years to include in the end of the year slide show. At first our external hard drive storage had been malfunctioning for several months until finally tonight it worked (and I backed it up to a different drive). It was really fun to see some of our older photos. Damn these kids my husband and I made are ADORABLE!
  5. Ms. D has to be nearly the happiest kid on the planet. She smiles nearly from sunup to sundown. If she is grumpy, it takes very little to get her to return to a smile. I often feel guilty for not giving her the attention she deserves. Even with my failings, she tells me she loves me in so many ways.
  6. I've gotten extremely fat.
  7. There are approximately 6 books in progress on my computer. I should probably pick one and finish it. 
  8. I wish I was funnier and more interesting. I'm rusty.

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