Tuesday, December 29, 2015

So, I have been absent here for many months. Oh, I've half-a$$ed it a few times, but I haven't written anything of substance for months, and perhaps, years. Some of my absence was because of my inertia due to having a pre-teen and a teenager. I wanted to protect their privacy. It wasn't fair to write things about my kids who were old enough to make their own choices.

Then one day my kids wanted to read this blog. And they kind of enjoyed reading this blog. (I didn't give them the address. They are too smart for their own good.) Then they asked me why I quit writing it. I recounted all of my reasons and most of all my oldest, Miss M, told me she wished I had written MORE. K Man also doesn't care, as far as I know. Poor D has missed out on most of her blogging moments because her mom was missing those moments with her littlest one.

I hope to return to writing here because my M and K clearly enjoy reading the past and I have been given permission to write these days as well.

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