Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween is Never as easy as it should be

 By evening the children were all ready to go begging for candy...but it's never an easy road there. I woke this morning to Ms. D barfing in my bed in Craig's vacated spot. So that was fun. D and I took the Bigs to school while we were still in pajamas, then returned home and back to bed.

Thankfully, D awoke with no more barfs. 

M went to school intending to be Katniss from The Hunger Games. We were at PTA Tuesday night later than I thought we'd be so when we got home I had to attempt the Katniss braid. Meh. I did okay for a first try, but I'm no Hollywood hair stylist. Of course when the "character parade" (NOT Halloween parade of course...we are all ostriches with our heads in the sand, right?) came around and she saw the other cool costumes she was not as enthused about the somewhat plain Katniss costume. Plus, most of the kids had no idea who she was supposed to be. So, after school M morphed into a zebra instead. Her face paint looked fabulous. Damn, her mom is gifted.
 K Man wanted to be a zombie. In his head all he needed was ripped clothes and green hair. When I told him to take his t-shirt outside and get it dirty he balked. I give him permission to get dirty and he doesn't want to listen. Finally he did it but today he wears the shirt backwards (where he didn't get it dirty and I didn't rip it.) because he loves to drive his mother as crazy as possible. He also refused to wear makeup to make him look more like a zombie. Of course once I finally coaxed him into the makeup I forgot to take a close up photo of just him.

We made it through it all...and now I'm thinking about next year's costumes. Is that normal to think that far ahead?

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Deborah said...

I think it's perfectly normal to think of next year's costumes already. Shoot, Megan will spend the next month debating various costumes and then will forget about it until next September/October. Sometimes, she'll just walk around Savers or Goodwill to get ideas (She can be quite creative)
BTW - I think your children's costumes are awesome :-)

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