Monday, October 22, 2012

Questions Kids Don't Really Need to Ask

My kids are never shy about asking questions. This is both good and bad. Sometimes it's just their timing of the question that makes it awkward.  For example, in the middle of your uncle's funeral is not the best time to explain the meaning of a word. Other times it's my own issues that make the question awkward. I don't think I'll ever be comfortable explaining menstruation to my son. Then again, I don't feel comfortable explaining that to D yet since she's only 4. M has asked about it and I've explained as much as she wants to know so far.

Then there are questions that my kids ask that I'm left thinking "Really? You felt you needed to ask about that?"

My son is 8 now and I noticed this summer that he's starting to get a little on the ripe side when it is particularly hot, but I let it go for some reason. Last week, K Man asked if I would buy him deodorant. Um, yeah! And he's excited to use it unlike his older sister who, 3 years after buying her some, still needs reminding to use it. Hey, I'll have at least one kid who doesn't offend the senses.

Here's another question my kids ask: Mom? Can I have some carrots? (or other vegetable) In what universe will a parent say: No! You should have more candy and crap!

This is one of my favorite questions, especially when we are at home. Can I go to the bathroom? Well, I'm quite sure they are capable.

The number one question that children should never feel they need to ask?

Can I go to bed?


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