Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Bet She Felt Pretty

 I love the costumes some people wear to the Renaissance Festival. I want to make M and D costumes like this for next year when we go to the faire. Then they can wear them for Halloween as well. I should probably start making them sooner rather than later. I wonder if my machine still works?

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Michelle Pfingston said...

So - I read your post yesterday(?) about loving Minnesota.

It's where I grew up for the most part and hold a special place in my heart too. I still have a large family there as well.

But the renaissance! This morning, reading your post it dawned on me - we're talking about the same Renaissance Festival! It's the only one I know in Minnesota about this time every year!

Oh the fun we had there. My first boyfriend would go every year all dressed up so, of course, so did I.

And now I date myself to say that my favorite show was the Tory Steller. Per'chance you remember him?

OH - DO make dresses and wear them! There is nothing comparable around here and I would just LOVE to dress up myself and my daughter and go again!


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