Friday, February 19, 2010

Aweigh Week 5 Results and Prize

Only two weeks left!

Chelsea was the only one who answered the book question last week (my bad! I didn't even answer it. Whoops!) so she wins the bookmark! Congrats Chelsea!

It was yet another crazy week for me around the Zebra household so I did not make time to exercise at all. :( I haven't made it the priority it should be, but I am also working on other I'm actually trying to cut myself some slack on some things. I'm going to guess I gained a little but I'm not worried. I know I can turn it around again.

This week our prize is offered by Chelle! She's going to knit something for the lucky winner. She's also a very busy mom of three so if it takes her a little while to get the prize to the lucky winner we can all understand that for sure, right? ;) Please leave a comment with your results for this week (if you're participating in Aweigh) and also let us know what, if anything, you've been doing differently to help yourself succeed with weight loss.

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Bikini said...

I'm down another pound this week. That may be partly due to the haircut I got this week, though!

In addition to cutting my hair, I've also been trying to eat more protein so I stay fuller longer.

Heather said...

I actually lost 1 pound! Yay me!

I sort of crept back into drinking diet sodas instead of water so I'm going to try to cut out the sodas again.

Chelsea said...

Wow! Thanks Bikini for the bookmark! this week I also lost a pound.

chelle said...

I stayed the same this week :(

I already knit the mittens so I can ship them once I know the winner's address :)

For a picture scroll down.

Congrats to everyone that lost!

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