Sunday, February 21, 2010

Simply Joy Sunday #58

It's been more than a year of noticing the little things around me that make me smile. Are you noticing the beauty around you?

I see this gate nearly every day. I've always thought it was such a peaceful setting.

The sun appeared most days this week. Beautiful morning light.
Ms. D's shoes. They are so little and cute...just like her.

Is anyone still playing along? **sniff sniff** You can join in any time! I like to take photos of my "little things" but you can participate any way you'd like. No blog? Just tell me your joys in the comments.
If you post on your blog, link to me and let me know you're participating and I'll link you here as well.
Playing along:

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A Vapid Blonde said...

I haven't playing well with others lately..sorry :-( I will again soon)

MrsDragon said...

I will be back next week! I am waiting for my laptop to arrive so I can upload my photos. : )

Chelsea said...

Those shoes are cute! I've been loving the sunshine too, hopefully we can get some warmer days soon!

MrsDragon said...

Okay, so I changed my mind! : )

chelle said...

That gate looks like it leads to wonders and possibilities!

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