Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The baby moaned and rolled, setting off the musical aquarium attached to the side of her crib. It's always loud, no matter how often I turn it down and if I was a smarter person I'd have removed it from her crib months ago. As I struggled to sit up to take the one step to reach her crib and the offensive noise I vaguely noted a shape on the floor just in time to avoid stepping on it. With the room silent again I realized the shape on the floor was my son.

Rolling back into bed I note that the shape next to me on the bed is no longer my husband (he having left for work at least an hour prior) but is now my oldest daughter. I wonder if, at some point during the night, our entire family of five was sleeping in this tiny master bedroom.

Miss M has, since she was very young, crept into our bedroom more nights than not. I remember having fears as a child too though I'm unsure if it is fear that motivates her need to be with us. I think perhaps she just needs someone to be in the room with her. When she and Ms. D start sharing a bedroom I wonder if that will help.

K has been having bad dreams lately. Notably, since he went on a trip through school during the break to the Minnesota History Center in St. Paul. I didn't know the connection between the bad dreams and the trip until a conversation last Sunday. My husband said that K Man has been rather preoccupied by tornadoes lately, and that he's scared that he's going to blow away in a tornado. Darn History Center and its tornado (that K repeatedly told me was NOT real) display. It sounded cool from my kids' descriptions, but clearly it has terrified the poor boy that he's going to get whisked away like some Donald from the Wizard of Odd. Thank goodness (never thought I'd say this) that winter is on the way and much less chance of tornado warnings happening before he can get over this latest fear.

Even with the bad dreams lately, K has rarely come into our bedroom seeking solace. I don't know why he doesn't seek comfort there as often as his older sister, but this day he needed the comfort.

Whatever reasons brought my children to slumber with me in the early morning hours, I found comfort in having them surround me. So we helped one another on this day. It was not at all a bad way to greet the day.

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chelle said...

So sweet! It is awesome that you appreciate their need to be near you!

for a different kind of girl said...

That is very sweet. From time to time, when my youngest wakes up early (which is incredibly rare...albeit late for him is 7 a.m.), I often try to suggest he come lay down on the bed with us in hopes I can fall back to sleep, mostly because I miss the times when he was an infant and we'd spend mornings that way.

Jeff said...

Sounds like you were all sleeping in a real pile.

Oh yeah, you need to see Where The Wild Things Are to get that reference.

Christie O. said...

awww what a sweet story and what a wonderful way to wake up, surrounded by your babies. sometimes i worry when mine creeps into my room about it becoming habit, but i can't help LOVING the early morning snuggles. it goes by so fast.

mayberry said...

Even though my son is very active and pinchy (he likes to squeeze my ears, I know, it's weird) I just love having him snuggle in. I'm going to miss it when he outgrows it. (Thank goodness you didn't step on K!!!)

A Vapid Blonde said...

The way you described it made me want to be there on the floor with a blanket and a pillow too, not in a creepy who's this chick from the internets kind of way, but in a 'that sounds so warm and cozy' kind of way.

louann said...

What a wonderful way to wake up to a new day =)

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