Monday, October 19, 2009

I Would Have Written a Lovely Post if I Wasn't BLOCKED

My writing muse is still absent. I had hopes to write about an experience my children and I had at a local store. It was going to be a lovely post, complete with simile and metaphor and carefully constructed scenes.

I would have opened telling you about how my kids were being pleasant, mostly because they were allowed to pick out a small toy. They were giggly and happy and bubbling with life.

Then I would have told you that we went to the checkout line and ran into the mother of one of the kids who had been in K's preschool class last year. We had stood in line, chatting with her, not noticing that she had an unusually large amount of items she was purchasing which would indicate we'd be standing in line for an extraordinarily long time.

I would have told you that I was oblivious to those facts because I was just enjoying having my kids chattering and lively and with me.

Then I would have told you about how an older man, probably in his late 70s or early 80s approached K and pulled a Tootsie Roll out of his ear. I would have described K's infectious giggle that rippled through his body and electrified M's body to mimic his. I would have said that the man then pulled one from M's ear, to which she blurted that she doesn't like them, causing the man to shrug and tell her to give it to her brother. (I didn't let the kids eat the candy because even though he was probably a perfectly nice man, you never know these days.)

So then I would have told you the man shuffled away only to return a minute later to tell M that since she didn't like the candy, how would she like an apple instead. Then you would be amazed to read that the man pulled two balloons out of his pocket to fashion an apple out of them which he then handed to a giggly Miss M with a flourish.

To which K whined that he didn't get a balloon. So the man rooted in his pocket for another balloon and finding a purple one (to which Miss M protested that purple was her favorite color) quickly fashioned a whimsical hat for K.

Then I would have posted a photo of these two lucky kids that I am so lucky to be a mom to (and to their little sister) who for whatever reason seem to prompt strangers to do nice things for them. (Remember when another man gave them each $1 out of the blue?) Can you see the little "feather" in K's hat? I thought that was extra adorable.

(Whoever has my muse? Please return to me. Thanks bunches.)

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Life As I Know It said...

It's difficult to be blocked, but you did the right thing : you wrote anyway, which is the only way to get un-blocked.
And? A lovely post, it is!

chelle said...

lol for being blocked you did a fabulous job!

Madeline said...

I think that was a great post! What a special day!!

Pgoodness said...

who needs a muse? this is perfect!

Jeff said...

I would have liked to have heard those stories! Oh well, maybe someday. ;-)

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