Sunday, August 23, 2009

Simply Joy Sunday #31

I am celebrating the simple joys of life. It's nice to take stock of the little things that bring me joy each week. Try it! You'll like it!

Are you celebrating the simple joys on your blog? Link here and let me know in the comments and I'll add your link to this post! No blog? Tell me your joys in the comments!

My joys this week?

A baby girl who eats a big broccoli tree with a smile on her face.

I was backing out of the garage on Thursday and noticed the kids' trike sitting there. For some reason, I thought it was cute so I took a picture of it. That trike is another joy. I got it for free when we were driving home from visiting my in-laws several years ago. It was a leftover from someones garage sale and they just left a bunch of stuff by the road marked "free". My dad painted the rusted metal seat black and it's been a great trike for M and K, and soon for D too.

I finished reading I'm Proud of You: My Friendship With Fred Rogers by Tim Madigan. This book really made me think about how I approach my life and friendships and my relationships with other people. It made me want to be a better person. How sappy is that? But it's true.

In fact, I have another copy to give to one of you. I want you to experience this book too. Fred Rogers was a magnificent human. I hope to be half as good.
If you'd like to win a copy of this book, leave me a comment. Tell me about how you've enjoyed a simple joy this week. (Please make sure I have a way to contact you if you win!) Tweet about this post to earn an extra entry. Write a blog post about this and get another entry! Subscribe to my blog? Another entry! (Please leave a separate comment for each entry.)
Anyone else feeling the joy?

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Athena's Armoury said...

Okay, baby + broccoli picture = adorable!! Happy find with the trike. I celebrated some of this week's simple joys over on my blog as well.

Megan {Velveteen Mind} said...

I have been very focused on the simple joys lately. I recently added the song "Little Wonders" from the Meet the Robinsons soundtrack to my boys' playlist and I swear, it makes me cry every time I hear it.

I'm mildly, er, hugely pregnant right now, but I still think I would cry.

A simple joy for me happened today when I went down to the pier to meet my husband and boys, just in from fishing. While they were loading the boat, my 3 year old dropped his pants so he could pee into the water. Right in front of everyone on the boat launch. Yeah.

Look, as crazy as it is to take joy in that, he's only going to do these things for so much longer and I love every moment of his freedom.

Now enter me for some Mister Rogers love! I adore him. We have a framed photo of him in my boys' room, in fact. Swoon, indeed.

Velveteen Mind Megan said...

Ooh, second entry: I also subscribed to your blog today! I am destined for some Mister Rogers snuggling.

Chelsea said...

Sounds like a good book! My simple joy from the past week; hearing one of my kids from work keep saying "I like to move it move it!" it truely made having to work on a saturday much better!

Chelsea said...

I tweeted about it.

Jessica said...

My simple joy this week was simply being able to spend a Friday night with my husband. Our lives are so insane that we rarely get a free minute to just relax and enjoy each others company. Thanks for doing this giveaway! Off to tweet about it.... :)

Madeline said...

The baby chowing down on broccoli makes me grin. Such cuteness!
Sounds like a good read...I'd love to win.
Hmmm...simple joys this week...unexpected cool weather blowing in. I'm so looking forward to fall. :)

great auntie sue said...

i enjoy a simple joy just by getting thru a few hours of a day with no yelling, hitting, kicking,defiance, or what else is there, from T

chelle said...

Nice trike!
Love the broccoli!

hmm simple things ... I lied on the floor with my three children and read books for almost an hour. It was so quiet and blissful.

rrouth said...

Ah, simple joys. Watching my four year old proudly show how she can swing by herself; taking a walk down our country road (looking for lost keys, no less); having dinner with my grandma, asking about her childhood.

Tight times lately have really prompted a change in my daily focus. I love to read and would adore a copy of the book!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Getting things for free really is a joy!

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