Tuesday, August 18, 2009

School Progress Report: Sleep=0

Two and a half weeks into the school year and the kids are tired. Even when they get in bed at an early hour, they fight sleep. (I wonder where they get that from? ::whistling::) M had been playing her Game Boy, as it turns out, until the battery died. I haven't charged it again. I'm guessing she's moved on to her MP3 player but that, at least, tends to soothe her to slumber. K is less subtle in his avoidance. Just last night I heard the tell-tale sounds of a tape dispenser. Opening his door I discovered K with the light on and a full-on craft project going...TWO HOURS after he'd been tucked into bed. I'd like to encourage K to lay in bed and listen to his MP3 player to soothe him to sleep as well, but he lost his player sometime on our trip to the Mall of America some weeks ago. (That player was a lifesaver in many ways. I've ordered a new one for him just to save my own sanity. I know, I shouldn't since he lost it, but hey, I'll do things my own wrong way.)

They seem to be holding it together at school. I haven't had any bad reports from the teachers and have even heard some positive remarks. But once that afternoon bell rings they can no longer control themselves. They are over-emotional, they whine, they fight, they whine some more. I'm trying to remain zen and understanding, but I really hope they turn the corner and get adjusted to the routine soon.

There are glimmers of hope, however. Miss M has taken upon herself on occasion to pick up Ms. D's toys without being asked. She has done her homework every day without complaint. K Man has asked M to read him books instead of fighting. Last night they were planning an elaborate theater production in which their cousins are supposed to appear as actors as well.

After 2 years of taking M to school, I've adjusted to her being gone during the day. Now my mind needs to catch up to the fact that K is gone to school during the day too. Yesterday, waiting for the school bell to ring, it struck me how quiet the car was and I thought K must have fallen asleep. Except he hadn't because he's a big Kindergartner now.

So we continue, K waking too early, me waking Miss M as late as I dare. I pack two lunches, make three breakfasts and load my children into the car every weekday morning. This is our routine now, at least until October when they will have a three-week break from school. We already have plans to fill those weeks with what I hope to be fun with much less fighting than we've seen in recent months.

I'll brainstorm ideas to get the kids to sleep more, and better. A rested kid learns better and behaves better. I know they can do it.

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for a different kind of girl said...

I dread the thought of tomorrow morning when I have to enter my youngest son's room and get him up and moving for his first day of school. He's all sunshine and roses about the plan right now, today, but oh, tomorrow, I just know it won't be pretty! It's not even like he sleeps in that late (ha...or, seriously, that my kids would sleep in until 8 a.m.!), but he's his mother's son when it comes to morning attitudes!

kelleysbeads said...

I feel your pain. We have had the same over-tired/whiny issues with our 1st grader and it is just draining. The girl child in pre-K is acting much more grown up, which is nice.

Madeline said...

Oh. my. if mine is anything like me he'll eventually join yours in the ranks of fighting sleep. Good luck to you!

chelle said...

When I was a kid (pop was a nickel .. ha ha), we were not allowed fancy technology. Lights out at 8pm PERIOD.

Granted, I hated it.

My oldest doesn't fight sleep at the moment, but the middle one does. In fact he sleeps at the doorway of his room. Not sure how we will get him to get enough sleep when the time comes.

Good luck!

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

A craft project two hours after he's supposed to be in bed. K sounds like he wants to be like you, doing cards after the kids are in bed! ;) And that's just ferociously cute. But of course I hope they do get to sleep sooner.

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