Friday, April 17, 2009

Sometimes Very Good Things Come in Small Packages

I am still not used to having such a petite child. K is on the small side, but as a baby he was not at all small, tipping the scale at 20 pounds when he was just 4 months old. At nearly 5 years old, he is a mere 35 pounds which means he has gained only 15 pounds in 4 1/2 years.

Miss M has always been bigger than average and her growth continues at this rate. She was 17 pounds at 4 months. Now at nearly 7 years old she is taller than many girls who are 8 and 9 years old. She's always been at the 95th percentile or above for all of her measurements.

So here is Ms. D. I wonder if her small size is for me to enjoy having a baby as long as possible. I suppose if she is still small even if she is no longer a baby I can fool myself, right? She is petite (still less than 16 pounds at nearly 11 months) and active. She's lean and long and inquisitive. She's nonstop motion until she is sleeping or nursing. She finds life can see it in her eyes.

She adores me.

Yes. She does. If I step down the 6 or so stairs to move clothes from the washer to the dryer, when I return to my baby girl she showers me with hugs and sloppy, sloppy kisses.

She falls asleep in my arms almost every night (because that's how I raise my babies...they sleep in my arms until they no longer fit. The "experts" say it's wrong, but what do they know?) and when I lay her on the floor to do whatever I want/need to do in the evenings, she slumbers on a pillow in our living room. She awakens, usually once or twice before I head for my bed myself. Sometimes I am not sitting in the chair next to her when she wakes and she will sit up and look, confused. Usually I am nearby though and she will see me. She will immediately crawl toward me, full speed even though she is only partially awake.

When she reaches me, I pick her up and she immediately lays her head on my shoulder and falls back to sleep.

She is, as I suppose all babies are, good for the soul.

Aweigh post below. Only 2 weeks left now!

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh yes- so good for the soul!


Susiej said...

Thank you... I haven't combed it yet, though.
What a smart home... hold them to sleep until they no longer fit... Very, very wise.

God is blessing you with a small child; you need a baby that you can carry along easily now that you have two big ones.

Anonymous said...

She's a sweetheart! Love her! Amma

chelle said...

They know NOTHING! Yay for doing what is best for you two!

Enjoy the baby admiration!!! So precious!

Jeff said...

You're daughter is totally adorable.

I kinda miss the baby thing... kinda. But I've got round 2 coming up in only a few short years with the grand kids, so that will be fun.

Madeline said...

Oh, aren't they though!! Levi sleeps in my arms too. He cozies up to me all night long, and people ask me how on earth I can sleep with baby elbows jabbing me. But, how could I sleep without them?

slouching mom said...

So sweet. The post, the baby girl. Sigh.

Damselfly said...

Good for the soul ... ahhh.... Just reading your post was good for my own soul.

louann said...

she is such a sweet baby!

Hip Mom's Guide said...

Oh, they are good for the soul. Even though I found the infant stage very difficult at times, there is nothing like a sweet baby who sees you as the center of the world. I do miss those days...

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