Friday, April 3, 2009

Aweigh Results Show Week 10

Well I'm hoping to see more of you back here posting your results this week! Remember, you have until Saturday night to post your results and be entered in the prize drawing!

When I weighed myself yesterday morning I had lost 2 pounds but it was bunco night last night and there were goodies to be had. So I'm only mildly optimistic. I will be happy if I just stay the same. I have not exercised in a long while. I need to get back in the routine. It's hard to get going again when I've been away from it for so long.

I'll post my results later this evening this time. I'm going to Minneapolis today to IKEA and maybe the Mall of America and to the Target Center to exchange some vouchers for free tickets to a show. I'll still weigh in the morning, but I won't have time to update here until later.

Remember the cute bag Marla contributed for our challenge? Go visit Marla's blog. Her blog is pretty new still and she writes a little more raunchy stuff than I do (okay a lot more). But if you don't have virgin eyes, you'll probably enjoy it!

Post your results ladies!!

Update: I gained 2 pounds. Yes, overnight I actually gained 4 pounds since I'd lost 2 yesterday morning. Sweet. Really set the tone for today.

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Anonymous said...

I lost 2 lbs! I can't believe it. keep walking more---Amma

Amber said...

For some reason I'm down 1 pound!!! I don't know how in the world that happened, but I will take it! :)

great auntie sue said...

Well, since the last time that I had weighed seems like I have gained 2 lbs. So i think i will call that the same as it seems like i fluctuate between losing and gaining 2.

Bikini said...

I'm flat from last week - no change. I blame the early Peeps showing at my house, courtesy of an Easter package from my mom.

Chelsea said...

I lost 2 ibs!

Marla said...

Good luck everyone...and your mention of me...made me giggle!

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