Saturday, January 17, 2009

What a Week

It was quite a week around Chez Zebras. Miss M complained of stomach pain and stayed home from school all week except for a few hours on Wednesday afternoon when I more or less forced her to go to school. On the way there, in the car, it occurred to me that she would complain about the stomach pain most when we were in route to school (but then she would again be fine at home within a few hours). I finally asked her if there was something bothering her at school.

Long story short, she told me another girl was "being mean" to her. My heart immediately leapt to my throat. I talked to her teacher. The other girl has known issues. It is being dealt with.
When I picked M up from school that afternoon I asked her how it was.

I had a fantastic afternoon Mommy! (It helped that it was her good pal's birthday and school party.)

So I thought we were in the clear with the stomach issues. Originally we thought it was irritation from the ibuprofen our family doctor told us to give her for her enlarged tonsils. So we quit giving it to her. Then, I figured oh she's been upset about this girl and nervous about going back to school.

But Wednesday night (or Thursday early, early morning) she was up wailing and moaning in pain again. My husband was ready to take her to the ER, but he hadn't heard her wailing and moaning all week. She took some Tylenol and rocked with Daddy for a while and eventually went to sleep.

Luckily (?) school was cancelled on Thursday anyway due to the arctic temps that were rolling across the upper Midwest. (-25 F, -50 wind chills) We had a lovely discussion about temperature and the Ice Road Truckers show we've been watching. M had not slept much during the night and actually slept in a little bit in the morning.

We baked some pan cookies, the older kids made crafts that included glitter. M's stomach seemed okay most of the day.

Yesterday morning, we met with the ENT doctor (the same one K had for his ear tubes) and confirmed the need for M's tonsils to come out. She was nervous at the appointment, but there is a class she can go to that prepares kids for surgery. She was also given 2 activity books and a DVD that explained some of what will happen.
In all honesty I think she's taking it better than I am now. I get a little weepy thinking about my little girl going under the knife.

And the stomach issues? I'm going to say that they are resolved. Verdict? She's been worried about this appointment all week.

Last night she slept like a rock.

Of course she needed to sleep well or she wouldn't have had another visit from that little fairy! If M keeps this up, she won't be able to bite anything at all. Those top teeth are dropping like flies. (She lost her top right incisor I think it's called.) She got all four of her top front teeth first as a baby, all within a day or so.

Oh, and the surgery is scheduled for March 26th, during her next 3 week break from school so she doesn't miss the 2 weeks of school most kids do when they have the surgery.

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Damselfly said...

Aw, what a rough week for her. I have to say, though, she knows how to work a camera despite it all. ;) I hope the mean girl goes away and the surgery goes great.

chelle said...

awww it sucks that they feel stress so harshly. I am glad she is feeling better!

I would totally be anxious about the surgery too, but she will rock and love the attention before and after :)

for a different kind of girl said...

She's a cutie!

Hope Monday comes and passes uneventfully and you're all past the stomach/sleeping issues.

Awesome Mom said...

Cute smile!!!

It really is amazing how kids internalize things when they are worried. I hope the surgery goes smoothly.

angi said...

I am glad she is feeling better, I went through the same thing as a child. I worried myself sick about things :(

I LOVE these pictures - she looks very happy! And you're right she better get some of those teeth back soon (although it looks adorable, I bet it is tough to eat)!

Sammanthia said...

Awesome pictures!
Surgery is scary... especially when it's one of your kids having it. Keeping my fingers crossed for the both of you!

Scribbit said...

I hope the surgery goes well and that the sleeping thing resolves.

BlondeBlogger said...

Poor baby! She is so adorable and just to cute to have to go through all that. Blessings, love and prayers to her for her upcoming surgery.

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