Thursday, December 11, 2008

You don't see me

No really.

I'm not here.

Well, I am but I'm not.

Have you updated your links to me? It's now. No blogspot anymore. I would be so appreciative if you'd update...or just link to my new address if you haven't before. I put my Technorati rank in the toilet when I bought my new domain. It is sort of important to have a good rank. Sort of. I mean, not as important as healthy kids or world peace, but still. Important.

So anyway. This is me, not being here because I'm over there, at the Zoo Review. There might be a giveaway or two involved.

Also I'm writing another embarrassing story about me in the past. Stay tuned.

4 people like me!:

Scribbit said...

So noted--following you over though it looks like your feeds (how I read you) are already good.

Dory said...

Duly updated!


chelle said...

Ooo I will double check my links!

Kate said...

Sorry if I started something! I'll update my link.

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