Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Vacation recap: Version 2008, June 16

D decided that our day should start at 6 and K seemed to have agreed since when I carried D out of our bedroom K was sitting in the "living room" (ha ha) by himself waiting for us to get up. Craig and my dad had already left for some early morning fishing and K must have gotten up shortly after they left. My mom said that K had been in her bedroom asking her questions already in the morning, but for some reason she had no idea what he was asking her. Perhaps it was because she was still sleeping...or trying to anyway.

Also noted was this:

Yep, the mayflies hatched a little later this year than usual so we were on vacation for the big hatch. Lucky us.

K, D and I sat on our plywood couch and watched the WCCO news (the only channel that got reception) until 9 when Amma and Miss M woke up and Craig and Boppa returned from their fishing expedition with 3 keepers (bass).

I took a quick shower using that fancy new shower head before we headed to the picnic tables surrounding the campfire site for the annual making of the tie-dyes. They turned out lovely, as usual. We're getting to be quite good at making them.

Following the tie-dye event, there was time for some basketball before we headed back to the cabins for brunch. Then the kids got suits on to commence another day of sand-digging and swimming in frigid waters.

D and I managed to make it down to the beach while the sun was still shining. I brought my sling up there and she seemed to enjoy riding around and sleeping in there. She also spent some time sleeping in the screened bouncer. D and I were, by far, the wild ones of the group on this vacation.

I was still taking oxycodone in anticipation of passing the stone (and in anticipation that the pain would be excruciating) and I'm fairly certain that those few days that I was taking the medication that I told everyone that I was on narcotics about 4328 times. "I'm on narcotics!" Aaaand I'm slightly annoying!

Anyone who knows me probably knows that I take a lot of pictures. I asked my mom how many pictures she thought I'd taken so far on vacation. She guessed 30. It was slightly higher than that. By that time I'd taken 205...and that was with missing the weinie roast the first night! (Which surely would have been at least a 15-20 photo opportunity!)

Speaking of photos, it was quite traumatic when we arrived at the resort and started unpacking and I realized that I hadn't brought the battery charger for our camera. Me not smart. It was especially traumatic when I noticed that one of the two batteries we have was almost dead already. My dad saved the day when he gave us one of his spare batteries to use. (Note to self: Bring battery charger next year.)

Craig spent most of the afternoon preparing supper since it was our night to cook for the whole group (15 people, plus D although she doesn't require solid food at this point). Notice I said "our" night even though I volunteered Craig to cook. I was, however, planning to make a yummy salad with tomatoes (non-salmonella-tainted), cucumbers, artichoke hearts, black olives and feta cheese. I was slightly dismayed to discover my feta cheese was still sitting in my fridge in Rochester. (Oh sh!t! That's not what I wanted!)
Plans were made to go to Longville to procure some feta cheese, along with a few other items.

My mom was selected to be my chauffeur since I was still on narcotics (ha!) and couldn't drive.

One of the supplies we decided that we needed was a night light which we picked up at one of the three hardware stores in the small town of Longville. We arrived at the store just as the men were trying to close. They probably sighed heavily as they saw me approach, but they hid their irritation well. Gotta love the small towns where everything closes at 5 p.m. With the addition of the night light in my bedroom at the cabin, I put an end to my nursing-by-braille sessions at night.

We arrived back at the cabin with just enough time for me to throw together the rest of my salad before we indulged in the yummy supper of my salad, smoked turkey, seasoned potatoes and home-made (cabin-made?) garlic bread. I must say it was delicious.

The kids went off to play and met up with some teenagers that organized all the younger kids at the resort into playing games like Duck, Duck, Grey Duck (which was called Duck, Duck, Goose when I was a kid living in NY) and others. B informed us that they had high school friends now, which was quite a thrill for my two kids and my two nephews.

K also came back to the cabin to pee at one point and informed us that he was going back because "those girls like me!"

My sister-in-law Kristi and I headed to the lodge to with our computers (and D in the sling again) to to Webkinz and other stuff. Yes, it's sad, we do our kids' Webkinz gardening, etc. while on vacation. We have issues. I must say though, that I would appreciate a Webkinz sprinkler so that I don't have to water the garden with a watering can. Or, perhaps the option of hiring a pet-sitter while on vacation. Things to think about Ganz! Are you reading? Those would be some handy features to have for us foolish parents who are sitting on vacation doing Webkinz crap.

That night, K attempted to eat his glow-bracelet which made for a bad few minutes while we assessed whether or not he had ingested any of the chemical. His shirt, pillowcase and bedspread had little yellow glowing spots all over, but he didn't appear to have any glowing spots in his mouth.

Leave it to K to try to liven up the night.

Game of the night: TV Scene It!
Trips to "town": 1

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Anonymous said...

Good start to a good week! Amma

Damselfly said...

You people know how to have some good old-fashioned fun! I am loving the pictures.

And I still can't beleive how brave you are to go camping with a newborn and a kidney stone.

Chels said...

Oh shit! I didn't know you went to town because you forgot the feta cheese!!

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