Monday, June 30, 2008

Random Thoughts #22

I'm finding it difficult to muster the motivation to type up my vacation recaps. I know most of you don't care about my vacation recaps anyway, but I want to put them on here for me and for my family. So, eventually I'll get the week recapped. I think.

Our septic system crapped out on us, so we had to have the tank pumped out this morning. The neighbors, I'm sure, were as thrilled as I was that the shit-sucking men arrived at 8 this morning. The shit-sucking truck isn't the quietest thing I've heard. We will likely have to replace our septic system. Oh the joys.

D and I were out of sync with our sleeping rhythms last night. Every time I finally fell asleep, she'd wake up to eat. Even though I was tired, I took the kids to play at a park from 10-1:30 and had some time to chat with some of my mommy friends. After lunch, we were going to go for a walk, but instead Ms. D fell asleep on my chest and I deemed it quiet time. The next thing I knew, Miss M was staring at me. Yeah. I was a little tired I guess. I have no idea how long I was out, but hey, the house was still standing so that's good.

I took the kids to get some supplies to make sidewalk paint for tomorrow. I'm hoping to get them in their swim suits and turn them loose with the home-made paint. When they've finished their masterpiece they can wash it off and start a new one.

This pretty much clinches it that they will paint for 2 minutes and declare themselves done. The amount of time the kids spend at an activity is inversely proportional to the amount of effort and/or time it takes me to set it up. Smile. Through. Clenched. Teeth.

I was reminded by one of Amanda's Tweets that I need to schedule Ms. D's 2 month well-baby visit. Wha? That can't be right can it? Who pushed the fast-forward button on life anyway?

I'm hoping to take my kids to run in the summer track meets tomorrow evening. It's the last one of the year and we haven't made it to any so far. I love that M still calls it the "meatball run." I wonder if K will actually run this year. I think it's hilarious that the newspaper says that it runs through 7:30. I don't think they've ever gotten over that early.

I'm also a bit bummed that we'll miss Wipeout if we make it to the meet. Yes, I could feel my IQ slowly slipping away as I watched it, but I also couldn't help laughing.

Perhaps it's sleep deprivation.

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Shamelessly Sassy said...

oh, our septic system crapped out once. I remember the shit-sucking truck pulling up. haha. and the resulting scent! hope you had a great weekend!

Bikini said...

I, too, have gotten sucked into Wipeout. I only watch it for the commentary, I swear! I have quilt group tonight, so I have to record it. It does replay Sundays at 7pm if you do miss it, though.

angi said...

UGH! I missed Wipeout :(

And I too have fallen asleep, only to wake up with a child staring at me, and me freaking out, only to see that all was well. Ahh...the joys have having little ones & sleepless nights!

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