Saturday, June 28, 2008

Vacation recap: Version 2008, June 15

Sunday dawned, cold and damp. Father's Day gifts were dispensed and appreciated.

The sun came out and the kids went to swim and play in the frigid water.

The grown-ups finally ventured to the beach just in time for it to cloud up and rain again. Our timing is impeccable. My mom, D and I headed back to the cabin.
M, K and their cousins continued to play in the cold water anyway. We had four popsicle kids. But, if you asked them if they were cold they'd say no emphatically through chattering teeth and blue lips.

We managed to get the kids out of the water before hypothermia set in and got them dressed in time to partake in cold ice cream know, to warm them up.

The Father's Day meal consisted of steaks, mashed taters and mac-n-cheese for our family. It was especially good tasting to me since I wasn't stuck in the bathroom. Hey, the rest of the vacation should seem extra good in comparison to the first night eh? Except, perhaps during the passing of the stone, which has not occurred yet.*
My nephew, B, lost another tooth and was terribly disappointed to discover that the Tooth Fairy doesn't follow kids on vacation. He'd have to wait until he got home to place the tooth under his pillow and collect the tooth bounty.

After meal festivities included eating s'mores by the campfire (I had time for one before the bugs and the soot from the fire drove me inside to protect little D) with other people staying at the resort. The resort managers provided the marshmallows but we had to provide our own graham crackers and chocolate. Everyone was impressed with Craig's marshmallow roasting prowess. It's part of the reason I married him. (Er, maybe not...but had I known I'm sure it would have only upped his marriage-potential in my eyes.)

M found some friends and went to the loft to watch a movie with them. She was pretty excited to be included, but not excited enough about the girls to care enough to ask them their names.

My Aunt Sue, Cousin Chelsea, Amma (my mom) and I played an American Idol DVD game while Ms. D slept on Amma's lap. I think it's safe to say that none of the four of us will ever make our fortune by singing.

*Remember this is a recap! The stone finally passed on June 25th! And it didn't even hurt. By the way, drinking a beer does appear to help pass a stone. I drank one after D finished nursing and was down for her longer sleep that night and within 2 hours the stone passed. I'm choosing to think it's not coincidental.

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Chels said...

Oh come on we weren't that bad! I personally just loved singing "Lets get Physical" and "I'm Too Sexy" haha!

Bikini said...

Am glad the beer advice worked! Or that I got to play the devil on your shoulder and tell you to imbibe alcohol.


Beck said...

Sounds like a great time. And I'm glad that the kidney stone torture is OVER!

Minnesota Matron said...

June? Hypothermia? Minnesota? Sounds about right!

angi said...

I am glad to hear it passed, and without pain! Your vacation sounds fun so far, I love the pictures of you and little D all bundled up...too cute :)

chelle said...

Yay for the no pain pass!
Sounds like a fabulous vacation!

Jeff said...

Ok, here's my recap of your last 5 posts:

5. Happy birthday Dad!
4. Congrats to Craig's butt.
3. Love the clogs with the tutu.
2. Believe it or not, I didn't follow the link.
1. Congrats on your passing. Two births in the course of one month. Very impressive!

Looks like a great vacation! I'll have to try that sometime.

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