Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nursing...Without Nurses

When my first child, my daughter M, was born she didn’t nurse like my other two children have. This refusal to nurse, I strongly believe, was no fault of hers, but more the result of a nurse who didn’t take the time to explain what needed to be done to a (in retrospect) naïve new mother. Instead this nurse took my boob in one hand and my baby’s head in the other and repeatedly tried to shove the two together over the course of more than one hour.

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Kara said...

Good for you.....standing up to those that are trying to help, but really aren't. You do know what is best.

chelle said...

the link didn't work and for some weird reason I have never bookmarked that site (actually it is pure laziness I just follow like a sheep where you say you are :)

angi said...

Good for you, I felt much the same...then I learned that I was allowed to say NO to their help too & things worked out even better :) Keep up the good work Mama!

Heather said...

oops on the link! I fixed it now!

Kathie said...

You must have had the same nurse I did when my first was born. I was in tears because I had so wanted to breast feed. Just as thenurse was about to take my baby back to the nursery and a bottle, another nurse popped her head in to see what was going on. Thankfully, she took the situation in hand and within a matter of minutes the baby was nursing like a pro.
Blessings from Costa Rica

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