Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Vacation recap begins: Version 2008, June 14

The annual trip to Kee-Nee-Moo-Sha began with a little rain as usual. I don't know why it is that every year as we gather the caravan for the trip it sprinkles a least a little bit.

Craig and I figured that we'd have to lag behind the rest of the group anyway since Ms. D would need to nurse a few times along the way. It turned out that since Craig, M, K and I took our lunch on the road with us instead of stopping to eat that we all arrived at the resort at the same time.

I'd love to tell you all about our traditional first night weinie roast on the campfire, but I spent the entire evening and into the night in the crapper with what felt like a terrible UTI. I could only venture off the pot for a few moments at a time so D had some hit and miss nursing that night. Neither of us were very happy. Luckily I still had some antibiotics left from my open incision that the doctor had told me to save for the trip so I took those and was able to emerge from the bathroom to sleep for a little while finally at about one in the morning.

On the plus side, I noted some new things in the bathroom that weren't there last year:

A new bathroom sign and a new shower head. Exciting, no?

It stormed that night and Craig told us what happened in the room that he shared with K:

Apparently there was a rather loud crack of thunder that made K sit right up in bed. Now what's that? he asked.

Craig told him it was okay and he should go back to sleep.

It wasn't thunder at all, but his dad's butt that woke him from a sound sleep.

Now that's talent.

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chelle said...

hehehe love it ... Dad's butt does it every time!!

ack you were so sick!

I love that picture of you and baby!!!

Kara said...

Oh, that last part made me laugh!

Damselfly said...

K looks a little excited!

I am in awe that you would attempt camping with a newborn, C-section wound still healing *and* a stone to pass! Complete awe!

Bonnie B said...

Funny!!! I love the potty sign-- and I can relate to the daddy thunder

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