Monday, May 19, 2008

Well, it's something I guess

My last prenatal appointment was this morning. Total weight gain is almost 15 pounds. Not too bad.

My doctor asked if I'd been having any contractions. Considering I didn't feel the contractions that sent Miss M into fetal distress during my induction with her, I told my doctor my standard response. Don't know!

Well, I just check you to see where we are.

Moms, you know what that entails.

Hmmm. You're about a 2 and 30%.


Let me be clear. I've never been a 2. Or a 1. Or percent anything. Even when M was 7 days past her due date I was a fingertip dilated at the most.

So what does this mean? Well, nothing really.

I'll still go in on Thursday morning and have my c-section as planned. Well, unless I actually go into labor. Which, to be honest, is still not likely.

But hey, I finally got to hear that there was some effort by my body to deliver a baby without surgery.

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slouching mom said...

Thursday... Wow.

This is exciting!

Mitch McDad said...

Fingertip dilated....never heard that one before.

I'll be in Mexico on thursday sipping margaritas poolside. I'll toast to you when I "feel" the baby has made the grand entrance.


chelle said...

Oh my HOW EXCITING.... THursday is like two days away!!!!!! weee!!!

Mrs. Chicken said...

Two days and counting! Woot!

So. Jealous.

Anonymous said...

Here's to a happy,healthy BABY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love to you all

Kara said...

15 pounds-- good for you! That will slide right off!

Here's to a wonderful delivery for you and baby D.

Jeff said...

I expect full delivery video footage on YouTube next week.

On second thought, maybe just a quick note will do fine.

Good luck Heather!!!

Mrs. Swizzle said...

Easier said than done, but enjoy the last few days as a mom of 2.

A couple of days before Twinkle was born, a friend said, "You know, your baby looks the exact same in your belly as it will after it's born." I thought that was a bit odd, but I'd never thought of that.

My comment word recognition is twnpg. It's not twins, right?

soccer mom in denial said...

Welcome to the club of three kids! Cannot wait to "meet" the new one (and sorry to be missing for so long).

Sandy said...

I like Jeff's idea. Perhaps you can post a video on your blog?


You'll do fine, and we'll all be thinking of you on Thursday. Little Dinah will be here in no time.

Damselfly said...

Wow! 15 pounds "not bad." Are you kidding me, that's almost superhuman.

You are a human, right?

wayabetty said...

You only gained 15 lbs? That was how much each of my boobs weigh why prego! I can't believe how time flies already!

Good luck to you Heather and can't wait to see that little cutie pie!!

angi said...

Just wanted to stop by today & let you know I'm thinking of you! Best wishes for tomorrow :)

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