Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Something a little off topic lately

I wrote this for our local ECFE blog and, after hearing of yet another family who lost a child in a home fire just this week I thought I'd publish the info here too.

I’ll be honest, any time I hear about a house fire, especially if there are fatalities, I worry about what we’d do if a fire started in our home. I always think that I know all the fire safety recommendations, but don’t know exactly how to apply the “rules” to my family and my home.

I’ve heard conflicting advice from other parents. I’ve heard the general home escape plans. Some of the advice simply doesn’t work if you have young children and infants.

So, as I’m awaiting the birth of my third child, I thought I’d go to someone who could actually give me practical advice about fire safety. He’s a firefighter and a dad, and he happens to be someone I went to high school with so he was obligated to help. Just kidding. He’d help anyone.

I asked Chad Rathbun, who is a firefighter in Minneapolis at Fire Station number one, a series of questions that I had about keeping my kids safe regarding fires.

Follow me to read Chad's recommendations...

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Mayberry said...

Thanks so much for this -- fire is just terrifying.

Minnesota Matron said...

Thursday morning, hmmm. Okay, no fires or other kinds of disasters allowed before then (or after, I guess). We have a fire ladder on the third floor of our house because it's a big house and the third floor is very very high up. I too am terrified of fire.

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