Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Almost here

Yep. Just a few more hours and baby will be here.

10 a.m. my surgery is scheduled to begin, so if you're wondering when they'll be slicing me open, it will be shortly after 10 tomorrow.

At this point I'm hoping for someone to place my IV on the first attempt instead of taking 3 tries and bruising my arm all to hell like the guy did before K's section. That would be a plus.

And, you know, for the rest of the surgery to go well would be good too.
I made these birth announcements for my kids to give to their friends at school tomorrow. Aren't they cute? (They're Hershey bars in there.)

Well, see you on the other side.

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Mayberry said...

YAYYY! Best of luck tomorrow!

The birth announcements are adorable.

slouching mom said...


I'm so excited!

I hope things go incredibly smoothly -- and I can't wait to see her picture!

Be well, Heather!

Chels said...

Can't wait to meet her! The announcements are a cute idea!

Tater and Tot said...

I am terribly excited for you! I can't wait to hear about her and see pictures! Take care and rest lots after your section. 2 to 3 is much easier than 1 to 2! The 3rd makes you feel like a pro!!

Good luck!

Jaime said...

So exciting! Can't wait to see pics of the new little one!

Anonymous said...

waiting to meet her! KaB

Bikini said...

So she's maybe 6 hours of old and no pictures yet? Geez. :)

slouching mom said...

yeah, c'mon already, heather! your peeps are waiting! ;)

chelle said...

Those are so adorable!!! You are so thoughtful and creative!

I can hardly wait to read all about your new little one!

Jaime said...

The suspense!! And the darn hospital doesn't print birth announcements anymore!

Alex Elliot said...

What a cute idea! I'd said Go Luck, but I'm reading your posts backwards!

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