Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Time in a Bottle

It’s happened, and happening . . . those changes I was talking about.

It’s wonderful. I’m learning about this new child who is unassuming and quiet. Even her most plaintiff cries are subdued, almost apologetic. Often a gentle shush in her ear will quiet her back to a slumber.

She positively swims in her newborn attire. Neither of my other two children were ever this small on this side of the womb. Having lost some of her birth weight, as babies do, she is below 7 pounds and, at times, her tiny body overwhelms me. She’s not as tiny as some babies, but to me, who last birthed a baby who was more than 8 pounds, she is delicate and dainty.

My first-born daughter is basking in her new role as big sister to a sister. She’s requested photos of her sister so that she can brag to her friends at school. I envision her as one of those new moms with a string of billfold photos that streams for 3 feet from her purse whenever anyone politely inquires as to the health of her baby.

My son has repeated over and over that he is a big brother now. The rare times that D cries, K is there singing to her, talking to her, holding her hand.

Her siblings often soothe D already.

My recovery is going well. D is nursing well and sleeping well which means that I am sleeping well. I am gaining more strength back in my abdominal muscles and can walk less and less hunched over.

Craig is doing everything for me so that I can recover. The laundry is being done, the kids are taken care of, my medication is delivered to my chair. My back is washed, my legs are dried, my pants’ legs held so that I can step into them.

I am enjoying my new role, still in its infancy. I am a mom to three and a wife to a wonderful man.

If I could save time in a bottle, these are some of the days that I would save.

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Damselfly said...

And I hope you can savor them.

I am so glad everyone is so happy! That is a true blessing right there.

Congratulations again.

Damselfly said...
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Amanda said...

Beautiful, you deserve it, sweet mom!

Kirsetin said...

Love it! Enjoy this precious time. And I loved seeing your twitter that your older daughter just lost her 2nd tooth. So fun. But will you be awake enough to remember the tooth fairy?

Beck said...

OH OH OH! Congratulations! I need to put you on my bloglines so I don't miss important things LIKE HAVING BABIES. She is BEAUTIFUL!
And this was a lovely post.

angi said...

I would go back to those days in a second myself. Enjoy them, breathe them in, every little moment...they go WAY too quickly *sniff*

Jeff said...

Good for you. I'm glad you're having such a nice and peaceful recovery and bonding. Enjoy it, because I can already hear the posts you're going to write a year from now ;b

SusieJ said...

Snif, snif.... your words epitomizes those fleeting first few weeks when love is new, old and fresh all at the same time. I'm very glad to hear that you are being pampered... sometimes that doesn't happen the way it should.

Love your new header.

Kara said...

I'm glad you are having fun in your new role. Enjoy!

By the way, L looks like M, but her top two teeth are missing! It's cute!

chelle said...

I want a bottle to save some time too!!! What a beautiful thought!

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