Saturday, March 29, 2008

Soooo not

Remember when I said I made a great pregnant lady? Well, I did at some point claim that here on this blog but I can't find the post. Suffice it to say that I was all braggy about how easy my pregnancies were.

Um. Yeah.

Today, the baby is kicking my rear.

Not such a great pregnant lady anymore.

I'm tired. Not sleepy tired, but worn out tired. My back, my legs, my feet all hurt. I get shooting pains in my belly area and in my groin area. I have a hard time breathing. I can't walk any faster than a 90-year-old. In fact, there are probably several 90-year-olds who could whip me in a foot race.

But other than that I'm doing great.

7 more weeks.

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Bikini said...

I feel your pain. Not literally, no, but I remember that feeling.

Anonymous said...

7 weeks is a long time when you feel like that. Thank you for reminding me I am happy my tubes are tied!

angi said...

7 weeks!!!!
Let's hope it FLYS BY :)

Jeff said...

Wow, rough week eh? Hope everyone's feeling better this week :-)

chelle said...

Hang in there Mama!

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