Sunday, March 30, 2008

More whiny pregnant lady stuff

This pregnancy is different. Yes, I know, ALL pregnancies are different but this one is markedly different.

I hurt more than I ever did with the other two. This is most likely because I am older and heavier than I was with the other two but weight-wise at this point it's really only about 10 lbs. I don't know, maybe that is a lot and I'm just deluding myself.

My tummy is getting pummeled. M was so wiggly that she wrapped the cord around herself to such a degree that my contractions (that were so weak I couldn't feel them yet) caused her heart rate to decelerate to the point that we needed an emergent c-section. This baby isn't wiggly per se, but she is kicking me, and HARD. It actually hurts sometimes.

I actually took some Tylenol today and that helped a little bit.

I'm feeling nauseated again. Like weeks 5-16.

I won't say that I think this baby will come early because my babies generally like to stay inside as long as possible. BUT. This pregnancy is different.

Did I mention that already?

Or maybe I've just gotten wimpy in my old age.

I told Craig I probably wouldn't even know I was in labor for a while after it started anyway since the only time I was contracting was when I was being induced with M. (Like I said, I couldn't feel the contractions, the doctors and nurses told me I was contracting.)

Which seems really weird if I have a sort of high pain threshold, but yet I am miserable now.

Make no mistake though, I am happy to be pregnant. This is a very short time in my life and the payoff is great. I will have another child after all this and the discomfort will fade in my memory. Perhaps one day I'll tell her how easy my pregnancy with her was. Then she'll come here and catch me in my lie.

As with most things, this too shall pass. I will get through it. I'll complain and whine and try to catch my breath.

Then, in less than 2 months I'll have my baby in my arms.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe they have to get progressively fiestier to deal with the preceding siblings?!?

Chicky Chicky Baby said...

I hear you lady. Some days I feel like this kid is going to kick her way right out of my belly button.

But besides the mess, would that really be such a bad thing? ;)

Mayberry said...

It is really hard work! Especially when you have two more to take care of on the outside.

Anonymous said...

I was going to say the samething as Mayberry. You are taking care of 2 other people, plus being pregnant. There's less and less time to rest.

It will pass, but this is hard. Hope you are getting some sleep.

chelle said...

Girl you have TWO kids to care for and a husband (mine is high needs so it is like having three kids!) of course you are tired!!!

Take care of you!!

Kirsetin said...

I hear you! My third was so much harder than the other two. Because my first two were boys, everyone - and I mean everyone - was sure that this meant baby #3 was a girl. But, of course, you know what really happened. My baby-boy batting average is 1000. Hang in there - this, too, shall pass!

angi said...

This made me giggle a little, reminding me of myself :)

I also have a high pain tolerance, yet I think I whined ALOT near the end of my pregnancy...oh heck, I complained all the way through it!

It really will be over before you even know it, and this will all be a distant memory.

susiej said...

All whines are permissible for any lady in your shoes right now... actually, it's not whining at all. Vent, all you want.

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