Thursday, June 28, 2007

Vacation Recap: Day Five (June 20, 2007)

Ack. Vacation is half over already. This week up north goes by faster than any other week of the year.

This morning the sun is shining and the lake looks much calmer than it has been all week. I haven't checked the air temperature yet as the kids are eating granola bars for breakfast while watching Chicken Little. Craig is out fishing with my Dad and my Mom is still in bed. K has been getting up at 9 every morning, which is nice since he's sleeping in a little but still getting up in time to do the morning activities after breakfast.

Today is turtle race day in Longville, but I doubt we'll make it there. (We didn't make it there. On Friday, M looked at the activity sheet and asked me when we were going to the turtle races. I told her that the races were 2 days ago. Her response? "Oh. . . did I win?")

After breakfast, we head down to Sue's cabin for M's daily hair appointment with my Aunt Sue. It's an "up north" ritual.

The day turns out to be rather hot since there is little wind and few clouds. We all get our suits on earlier than usual.

More water slide fun.
Craig took K-man out fishing in the boat just outside of the swimming area. K caught a nice-sized Bluegill.
More swimming and floating.
Upon request, Craig cracks out the smoothie machine and makes us strawberry daiquiris... and delivers them to the beach. Mmmm.
Supper tonight is hamburgers and macaroni salad courtesy of my Aunt Kay and Cousin Chelsea. Once again, delicious.

Then the men head out fishing and the ladies have game night. I brought DVD Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture. I thought it was great fun.

Grown-up movie of the night: Raising Arizona
Fish count (keepers): Today: K's Bluegill Total: 4

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