Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Vacation recap: Day Four (June 19, 2007)

The air is cool this morning. We're wearing sweatshirts as the kids paint their peg-hooks. M paints a beautiful purple and pink butterfly while K chooses to paint a blue and green sailboat.

Following the organized resort activity, the kids team up with some other kids staying at the resort to build a colossal sand-castle/space station. During the construction, the sun warms us and the kids are allowed to get their suits on and commence swimming. (Side note: One kid brought this big bucket of Army men and misc space station parts. Hours of entertainment. Go buy a bag of them at the Dollar Tree before you go somewhere to play in the sand. I'm going to head there. Kristi already has and her boys have had a blast with them too.)
Myron caught a nice walleye on his way in to Longville.

M made some time to do some dragonfly hunting. She caught a nice one.

I spent the afternoon floating next to Kristi, then my brother when Kristi had to go prepare supper for everyone. We enjoyed some delicious grilled chicken, cheesy potatoes and corn, after which Craig took Kristi and I fishing.
Craig caught a 30-inch Northern Pike which he had to return to the lake. Kristi nearly caught an even bigger fish that followed her lure to the boat. (The one that got away.) I caught a smaller Northern that we also returned to the lake.
After fishing I popped some more Jiffy Pop for the kids and they watched Rugrats in Paris and Bill Nye the Science Guy. Craig again took K in to bed first, then M, so I was relieved of bedtime duties again.
Grown-up movie of the night: Fargo
Fish Count (keepers): Today: 1 Total: 3

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wayabetty said...

Sounds like a great vacation had by all.

Damselfly said...

Gasp! Hunting one of my own kind! I hope she released my cousin back to the wild. ;)

Heather said...

Don't worry, the dragonfly was released unharmed. Now, the toad she caught yesterday... that is a different story.

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