Monday, June 11, 2007

Jeff asks...I answer...

Jeff at View From the Cloud asked us to show him our hobbies so I thought I'd play along since I'm that kind of a girl I guess. Plus I thought I could butter him up enough that he would build me one of those arbors that he has THREE of at his house!

So, here are two of my not-very-unique hobbies:

Scrapbooking: I do this in spurts. I started when M was about one year old and have a HUGE album for her. K, not as huge. But I keep working at it. I figure if it becomes a chore instead of something I enjoy then that defeats the purpose so I try to not worry about how much I "need" to do to make the kids "equal." They just won't have the same amount of pages. That's life.

A sample:

A newer hobby for me is sewing. So far I've made M a winter hat, some bean bags for the kids, a blanket for K's Cars bed and these:

The curtains are reversible for when/if M decides purple is no longer her absolute favorite color...hopefully her next favorite will be pink!

This is the first shirt I've made. I'm about half-way finished with another one for her. (a sleeveless one this time.)

So there you have it. My uninteresting hobbies! (Well, two of them anyway!)

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Harmonica Man said...

Nice, thanks for playing along! As you probably know, my wife owns a scrapbooking retreat so I probably know a bazillion times more than the average husband about the world of scrapbooking.

One thing I would say though - scrapbooking is actually a lot more interesting than people (who don't do it) think. My wife has all the latest computerized tools (like the new Cricut) and tons of amazing software that allows you to configure amazing things.

Oops, I guess the nerd in me just came out.

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