Monday, June 11, 2007

If you have young kids you need one of these!

I first saw it at Thyen Table for One, a blog I happened upon a few weeks ago. (Lucky for me because I won a book from her site.)

Also lucky for me that I saw this sprinkler. It was on sale at Target last week so I got it for $7.79 or something like that. Well, after M's swimming lesson this afternoon we fired that bad-boy up and the kids had a blast. K's lips were blue, but he had fun. Good thing I made soup for supper; it warmed them both up enough for round two after supper!

Miss M said: "Mom, this is fun with the beach ball! I want to play with it until Daddy gets home! . . . It's cold though..."

Me: "Oh yeah?" (It was 85 degrees today.)

Miss M: "I mean is it EVER cold!"

So our well water is a bit chilly I guess.

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Jaime said...

We have that ball, too. I just wish that Wyatt was older so that Kiana would have someone to play with. She won't go in the sprinkler or her pool without someone else and you can't always count on the neighbor kids to be outside. I hope someday my kids will play together like yours.

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