Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm soooo "Crafty"

Yeah, that says "crafty" not "crappy" okay?

Today, I sewed K a blanket for his big boy bed. Let me just say, it has been about 20 years since I've sewn something. Gosh that makes me sound really old. Seriously though. It took me about an hour, probably less. It has a quilted red material on the underside. K thought it was the best thing ever when he saw it after his nap. Yep, that's my reward, the happy grin of my son. Oh and he wanted to go to bed again. Not that he did it, but the thought was there.

The other day we made "snowballs" and have had several snowball fights since. They are nylons stuffed with Polyfil. M's preschool had a "snowball" fight a few weeks ago and M and I were giggling the whole I thought I'd bring the giggles home. It worked.

Tonight we played with some glow-in-the-dark tops (the twirling kind) for about an hour. That was fun listening to the kids laugh and have fun with them.

I need to ensure more times like these.

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Mom Thumb said...

Your little girl looks just like mine did about 14 years ago, bangs and all! Your post got me to thinking about all the times I did crafty things with my kids. Those are good memories, make as many as you can and keep taking pictures!

Sandy said...

Yes, yes you are!

Harmonica Man said...

Good idea. With the severe lack of actual snow around here these days, how else are siblings supposed to smack their brothers and sisters in the back of the head with snowballs?

angi said...

CUTE idea :)

Wish I had some polyfil stashed around here, the way Elie goes through white tights these days, we could have a blizzard, LOL!

Oh, but wait...we are having a REAL one anyway!!

Bonnie B said...

I've been sewing up a storm lately too- nice blanket!

I loved the day we kicked the crib to the curb and hauled in the "Big Girl bed" for the last time (though I suspect there was a little crying too-- but time has softened the memory:)

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