Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Time for some audience participation...

I want to paint our walls in more interesting colors than white. I think it will make our home a prettier place to be.

It will take us a while before we are ready to paint, but I bought some sample sizes to test the colors I was contemplating.

Of course the color isn't that great in photos...but we'll work with what we have. I'm going to post the before photos in the next post.

Here are 2 colors I tested in the living area. I like one over the other, but I'm curious about what you all think:

The second photo is part of my kitchen. The third photo, a wall in the attached "dining room."
The last photo is of the corner between the living room and the kitchen. The colors will meet there and I'm not sure if the colors are too drastically different for this to work in our humble abode.

We also have this wrought iron handrail which is really what they use outdoors. What color should we paint that? (The next post will have a better photo of the stairs.)

Hey, I didn't post during the delurking week, so you all (what? 4 of you?) might as well delurk and tell me what you think of my plan!!

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Waya said...

Oh, ok. I get it. I'm not that brave in doing bold colors like that. I do like the "mustard" color in the kitchen but not sure about the two colors coming together at the railings. It's hard to visualize it with such a small area of testing. But if you like it, then go with it since you have to live in it and not us. Hope that helps.

The other tip that I've learned from watching way too much HGTV is that if you're planning to move any time in the future, I'd stay with neutral colors since bold colors are tougher for potential buyers to live with it.

Karen said...

Mo Crakers is after me, so I have to get back to AT LEAST commenting.

I like the crimson on the left-hand side of the photo. I think they come together ok, although I like a lighter yellow with the red if it were me. We had a color called "Boston Creme" from Home Depot, with drapes that were similar to your crimson. The Boston Creme was by Glidden. You might be surprised, especially in a smaller space, how the deep color and the lighter shade will complement each other.

And I would paint the railing white. Contrast.


Sandy said...

I'm with Karen on this one. I like the strong colors, but together they might be a bit overwhelming. The gold in the kitchen looks especially nice. It really brightens up the room, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

like the crimson on the left too. personally i like wrough iron color as is. with the light colour next to red the railing will still stand out. i wouldn't paint it-just polish(?) it.

Keltybug said...

I lvoe the colors. They are about the same as what I plan on using. I have pumpkin harvest thrown in for good measure. I like the black on the rail.

Your home looks very homey and cozy!

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