Wednesday, January 24, 2007

An open letter written after a short visit to the mall.

To the Old Thing Lady at the Mall:

Count yourself lucky that I don’t own a gun because I was angry enough to consider using one. Lucky for you that you didn’t exit the mall as I was driving away either.

If you think I enjoy having my son screaming as I’m trying to leave the mall, you’re more senile than I already think you are.

It is NOT helpful to stare angrily and shake your head at the mother of a screaming child, contrary to your belief.

You said your kids NEVER screamed like that. Well, like I told you, must be nice to be so perfect. However, I have a hunch that old age has stolen your memory. Either that or you beat your children so they were too scared to cry around you.

Either way, I take solace in the fact that, since you are a bitter old woman, you will die soon.

In the future, if you live that long, I’d be careful who you cross. Someday you might not be as lucky. Perhaps a more helpful response to a screaming child could be a look of sympathy for the mom who has, no doubt, heard her son screaming like that for quite a while now.



With that off my chest, does anyone have any practical advice on how to get my son to take a nap? He’s refusing to nap most days, then has a major fit because he’s so tired. He won’t stay in his crib anymore. I’ve tried rocking him and he will sometimes nap then. Most times he just lays in my arms and tells me “I had a good napper Mommy!” when he hasn’t even closed his eyes. Then he gets mad that I won’t let him down and smacks me in the face a few times.

Let me tell you, it’s getting old.

Do I just lock him in a closet until he’s 4 or continue as I am and endure the looks and unsolicited comments from bitchy old ladies?

Edited to add:
Obviously I was a bit worked up when I wrote this, so I was overly dramatic. The (and I'm still using the term loosely) woman doesn't deserve to be shot, but I was rather upset by her.

It occurs to me that much of K's behavior has started since the disappearance of the ginkie. Perhaps I should give it back at naptime?

Miss M had a few tantrums as a 2 year old, but NEVER as often or as severe.

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Sandy said...

I think I ran into that lady at KMart the other day...she wasn't counting your kids too, was she???

As for the naps, my boys still are okay nappers. But I remember that at K's age, Annika stopped napping regularly. It usually worked if I would sleep with her (a big time commitment) or if I insisted on "quiet time" in her room. Sometimes, she'd fall asleep on the floor then.

One other tip: maybe alternate the naps, so that he'd nap just Tues/Thurs during the week. I hope it helps a bit...I know the falling out of naps phase is nasty. I do not look forward to it.

Jaime said...

Hi Heather, I think that pacifier idea might work if it doesn't make you feel like you're taking a step backward. If I couldn't still nurse Kiana almost to sleep I don't know that I could get her settled down enough to nap either. At daycare, I think it's just peer pressure since the other 30 some toddlers are napping, too. If she gives up her naps anytime soon, I'm moving out.

Kara said...

I saw this about twenty times on Supernanny: Keep putting him back into his crib, even when he gets out. He'll get tired of climbing out eventually and take a nap. The key is to only say "It's naptime, Stay in bed" and have no other conversation with him so he knows you mean business.

Kara said...

Just wanted to add-- if you do this, there will be a lot of crying, but in the end, it's worth it if he sleeps. I had to do this when I sleep-trained my kids as babies. (except they couldn't get out :) )

Two Faces said...

I think maybe the pacifier only at nap time is a good idea.

I used to tell my daughter that she didn't have to sleep, she just had to lie still, be quiet and relax. She could also look at books if she wanted to. She usually fell asleep, because all it took was her getting still.

Bonnie B said...

Take him for a night.night ride-- kids can't resist it. Although I will note, my husband once drove through the garage door once because of a night-night ride (he was so tired).

As for Miss Stares A Lot, may no one come to her funeral when the bitterness overcomes her. Not that I'm bitter, but I swear she has stalked me for the last eight years

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