Monday, January 22, 2007

Random Thoughts # 10

Today was my hubby’s birthday and he surprised me by taking the day off since he’d been gone ice fishing for the previous 4 days. This allowed me to sleep in to the late hour of, oh, maybe 8 o’clock. It was pretty sweet.

I went to register Miss M for kindergarten this morning before we went to my son’s ECFE class. I guess that means she's really going. Wahhhh!

Blah blah blah misc other stuff we did today.

So, for supper tonight we decided to try the Green Mill. It’s somewhat new in town, and we’ve never been there before. We debated the pros and cons of take-out vs. eat-in and decided to attempt the eat-in.

It was a miscalculation. K had another major meltdown, complete with the disapproving stares of strangers as I carried him outside under my arm. (Side note: What is up with the doors in that place? Talk about suction…who knew you had to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to enter or exit the place?)

Yeah, so the meltdown consisted of screaming for one half-hour and hitting me in the face about a dozen or more times. I stood outside the truck for a while until I got tired of getting slapped in the face by my son. Then I wrestled him into his car seat. That only took about 3 minutes and several more face slaps to me. Um. He fell asleep about 5 minutes after he stopped screaming. Do you think he still needs his nap? Fun times!
Craig’s birthday cake? In hindsight I see that the “Happy” and the “Birthday” should have been reversed. Sigh.

I think I may indulge in too much reality TV.

M asks at least once a month “When is Big Brothers back on?” If I happen to turn the tv on at the wrong moment, she’ll shout “No Deal No Deal is on!”

K was also asking just the other day, “Surbibor on Mama?”


Mrs. Chicken has finished “The Mother of all Memes”. Go check out the final version. Go. Now. I’ll wait.

Hmmm hmmm hmmmm. La teee daaa dee dooo.

Not too bad is it?


There has still not been a winner announced for the Nintendo DS Lite. Wassup with that??


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Anonymous said...

sorry about the meltdown. did u get to eat ur meal at all? i like the pizza at green mill.
what is a mom supposed to do when she gets slapped in public? sonya had a meltdownonce at fiesta mexicana, and my hubby was so embarrassed that he took off and asked us to take a cab home! it was my idea to go out and he was against it fearing sonya's meltdown. when i did manage to go out to the parking lot he was still there waiting in the parking lot and sonya was still wailing!

i remember sonya giving up naps at around 18-20 mos. but i still laid down w/ her and pretended to sleep while she watched a v.d.o. that quiet time helped her.

btw cute cake! home made?
happy b-day to craig.


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