Friday, November 3, 2006

Bad Mommy again.

Well now my daughter is sick. Most likely thanks to her Mom. Nice.

She just vomited, and has a 102 temp.

Even I didn't have that...why not me instead?

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Tater and Tot said...

We've all been sick here, too. I would much rather be sick than to have them sick. Don't get me wrong, I still whine. I just think it is pitiful when they don't feel good. Good luck getting you all well. I hope that it is a short-lived illness!
Feel Better Soon!

Blog Junkie said...

Oh, so sorry to hear that!! Can't stand it when they have fevers. Worries the crap out of me!

Anonymous said...

That stinks! I kinda figured it out when we didn't see you at drop off. Hopefully Miranda will have a speedier recovery. Our kids always seem to have terrible symptoms but appear to get better SO much faster.

Mom Thumb said...

Can't stand it when kids are sick. It's all blankies, hot tea with honey and chicken noodle soup. And my kids are grown! Hope you are all better soon.

Harmonica Man said...

Yuk, nothing worse than the "throw-ups" (as my kids used to call it). Hope M gets better soon.

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