Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mother Nature's a beatch...

Darn Mother Nature. She totally threw a wrench in our [my] plans tonight. We had severe thunderstorms, complete with hail, 70+ mph winds, a deluge of rain...sprinkled with tornados. Not fun for getting kids to bed.

Or for watching Big Brother. Hello! It's hard to watch when the meterologists break in every 2 minutes! At least I caught the "important" parts.

M and I went up to the parental bedroom to read a story then bed. We read Coudoroy, and were cuddling nicely as the winds picked up out at our house. Daddy deemed the basement necessary. So down we went. The kids were both wired with the change in routine. Then we lost power. Not cool. We're a sleep-with-a-fan, oh, and-a-nightlight kind of family. No power messes with the delicate balance of the bedtime routine.

Thankfully the storm started to pass and I made the move to return to the upper floors. K and I went to rock in the living room and M and Craig went back to the parental bedroom to try to slumber. The power came back on shortly into the altered bedtime routine. (Thank you, LORD!)

Bing, bang, boom, kids are sleeping in their beds...I got some scrapbooking done by battery power. (before power was restored.)

Turns out some of our city-dwelling neighbors were still without power after us. Weird when us "country folk" get power first.

But I wanted to post about my dream last night...

I dreamed last night [again] that my teeth were falling out. I have had this dream (variations) on and off for probably 15 years. Several years ago I checked one place to see what the supposed significance was, and that source said that it meant I felt I was "losing control". Apparently I am out of control again.

Commence psycho-analysis now.

edited to add: We lost power minutes after I posted...argh. Thankfully I didn't lose anything I was working on. . . Enough already Mama Nature. I'm sure the Durango we were looking at buying is now a hail-damaged wreck. Yeah, thanks again.

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Harmonica Man said...

You're right, that was a rockin storm. Don't know specifically where you live but I hope it wasn't down by St. Peter. Those poor folks have suffered enough already!

Harmonica Man said...

btw, let me know if you're ever looking for a new place to scrapbook. My wife owns a fun scrapbook retreat center up here in St. Cloud.

Bonnie B said...

I hate hail. I'm glad you didn't lose any of your material.

As for the dreams, are you troubled over something and need clarification-- I can meant hat too. It can also mean that you haven't scheduled your six month check-up and you're dreading it and your body is trying to remind you. Mine does this-- and forecs me to make the scrapping call.

Heather said...

Jeff, Not by St Peter. Yeah, they've had it pretty rough the last few years. Thanks for the tip on the scrapbook retreat. I'd love to be able to do something like that. Not in the cards as yet.

Bonnie, Since I married my hubby I've been a regular "every 6 months" visitor to the dentist. And I have great teeth. I'm probably stressing over something subconsciously...but I haven't figured out what that is yet.

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