Saturday, August 19, 2006

Is he compensating?

Today we drove 120 miles over 3 hours to one of K's friends' birthday party. They decided to hold his party at their cabin in Wisconsin. I debated about making the trip, since gas prices are pretty high, and the kids don't travel without at least 12 major meltdowns. In the end, we decided to go for it, and I'm glad we did.

The drive was remarkably peaceful. Craig and I chatted and joked, and looked at new scenery. The kid watched Toy Story 2, and Casper. And ate some Pringles. Pringles, it turns out, are just as good as popcorn...and key to having a peaceful ride.

We arrived at the party and were immediately made to feel at home by the birthday boy's grandfather and uncle. Their whole family was really great and friendly. We ate some yummy food for lunch. Then one of their friends, who had driven his boat to the party, offered to give us a tour of the lake.

Mind you, this is not your average boat. Try a $50,000 boat (roughly). Like this one:
We fit 8 adults, 4 toddlers and 1 four-year-old in there, with room for more. It's a 24-foot boat, and, while we "only" cruised at about 40 mph, the boat could go 70. The boat's owner and driver was really great and humored K's "need for speed" and let him sit on his lap to "drive" for much of the tour.

Part of the tour we floated past a rather large house and I stupidly commented "That's someone's house?" (I seriously thought it must be some big fancy restaurant or something!) Craig had been talking to our driver who said the house was his. (And he was probably thinking, well, it's not my house it's my cabin!)

Duh! The whole drive home Craig and I were laughing that this guy must have thought we were white trash...we bought a Powerball ticket in hopes that we could "compete." Craig said he was happy he didn't say what he was thinking when he saw the house:

"Do you think that guy's compensating for something? Look at the size of those pillars!" Posted by Picasa

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Nikkie said...

I'm glad you guys had a good trip. That is one really big boat. Maybe he is compensating, hehe

Bonnie B said...

"look at the size of those pillars" I've got to laugh. What a fun afternoon he gave you guys though. He was probably bursting with pride when you commented on the house.

Sounds like a fun afternoon.

Sandy said...

What a fun day! What was Craig thinking about that house, anyhow?

Harmonica Man said...

I like those medium-sized roadtrips too. Sometimes it's the only time my wife and I get a chance to just sit and "BS" for a few hours. Of course it wouldn't be possible without the car DVD - the greatest invention in the world!

Waya said...

Yup! That would be me saying something like that!

And we make a trip to visit the in-laws almost every month in NJ, that's a 4-hr trip and we don't have a DVD in the car, guess who's the entertainer? Yup, it's me again!! And let me tell you, it's very very exhausting!!

Heather said...

I think Craig and I would have bludgeoned one another to death (if that's possible) last year without the DVD player. Maybe we're weak parents, but those long car rides are torture for me...snacks, drinks, diapers, toys, "I dropped my (whatever toy!) (scream!)

I'll always vote for the tool that will make a pleasant car ride...because they're torture enough.

Kristen said...

That is too funny! I would totally have said something like that and put my foot right into my mouth. LOL.

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