Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Some things (and a few people) that I really don't care for...

Yep, I'm going to got a problem with that?
Things (or people) that really bug the crap out of me. (See, I made the title sort of nice.) :

When I make a meal for my daughter, she eats a few bites and says she's full. After much questioning of this statement. She stands firm that she is full. Approximately 2 minutes after I throw the food out, she asks for crackers. Arrrrggghhh.

When K is finished eating, he dumps or swipes his food onto the floor. Almost. Every. Time. ARRRGGHHH. (This wouldn't be so bad if we had something other than carpet in our dining area...I think.)

When I use the self-check out at Wal-mart and the thing says the item isn't the correct weight. Well, what do you want me to do about it?

Speaking of shopping: When I buy something and the cashier doesn't say "thank you." OR worse, I say "Thanks!" to try to prompt them, and they say "you're welcome." HUH?

Oh yeah, related to that, I was in Wal-Mart today and M stepped on a clothing display and dumped a bunch of shirts on the floor. I told her not to do that again, and bent over to put everything back. Meanwhile, a store employee walks by, looks at us picking this stuff up, and keeps going on by. I loudly said "That's okay, we'll just pick it up, don't bother to offer help!" Honestly, I worked in retail for about 10 years. I would never have ignored a customer like that. (And I always said "thank you" except the time that I didn't...but I was justified...really.)

Boxes or bags that say "easy open" that really aren't.

Similarly, maxi pads that say "no leak" that always leak.

In a construction zone on the highway, people who blow past the long line of cars who are patiently waiting in the single open lane in order to cut in right before the lane closes. I'm not sure why this bugs me, or why I don't just do the same thing. I usually pull as close to the car in front of me to make sure these people can't get in front of me. It makes me feel a little better.

People who cut across 3 lanes to exit at the last minute. Don't they know they're going to exit???

Racism. In people who I think are reasonably intelligent. This more than bugs me, but I'm choosing to just be nice.

Our passive-agressive recycling collector. He slams stuff around and makes a big racket. Then he sticks the recycling bin in the middle of our driveway. What up with that? This is only if he deems us worthy of a pickup that week.

When people don't rsvp for parties. I still love the people...their behavior, not so much.

When I can't get my photos or lists to work right in my blog.

People who only talk to me or send me email for a product party or chain email. Similarly, people who I have gone to their product parties who never come to mine. (Although I've only had 3.) Again, still love the people, behavior, not so much.

Well, obviously I could go on and on...but I'll quit for now. It's getting close to bedtime and I have to meet an air conditioning man to recharge my ac in the morning. And a friend. Busy busy busy.

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Jaime said...

It probably is better with the hardwood floors- at least we have Swiffer Vac to the rescue - but it still makes me mad. Recently she's started handing over her plate when she is done 1/2 the time but you have to be right there and paying attention.

The self checkout machines at Walmart frighten me. I stand in line instead. I know what you mean about crappy checkers. I worked at Kmart for 3 years. Saying thank you was required. Acknowledging any customer within 10 feet was required (unless you were the store manager who walked around looking at his feet).

Hope you get cool soon. If so maybe tomorrow's post will be about things you love!

- Jaime

Sandy said...

I'm totally with you on the product party stuff...I so want to thank them for thinking of me, if only as a dollar sign.

Sandy said...

Oh, and I've tagged you! Go see my latest post!

Bonnie B said...

RSVPing-- why don't people do it? I planned a Halloween party last year and sent out 30 invitations. Ten people RSVPed-- 50-- yes 50-- showed up.
On the flip side, I threw a Luau a couple of years ago and bought grass skirts for the girls, floppy hats for the boys and nice leas-- 20 RSVPed 4 showed up-- all that money, all those skirts, all the food down the drain

You also listed all the reasons I do everything I can to not go to Wal Mart.

Nice post! It makes me reflex on all the stuff that ticks me off.

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